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suspect phytoplasma

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Diseases of Cotton (Gossypium spp.)
... suspect virus (etiology unknown) Leaf roll* suspect virus (etiology unknown) Mosaic* suspect virus (etiology unknown) Psylosis* suspect virus (etiology unknown) Terminal stunt suspect virus (GTP; Cicadellidae associated) PHYTOPLASMAL and SPIROPLASMAL DISEASES Phyllody* suspect phytoplasma Small leaf suspect phytoplasma ...

APSnet Education Center - Introductory Topics - Plant Disease Management
... several years. For example, antibiotics have been infused into plants to reduce severity of phytoplasma diseases of palms (lethal yellowing) and pears (pear decline) and fungicides have been injected ... programs utilize technologies that include isolation of production areas, field inspections, and removal of suspect plants to produce and maintain pathogen-free stocks. Planting stock that is freed of ...
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