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supersweet early

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... Bush Fond Red Lemon Boy Sunmaster Big Beef Garden Peach Matt's Wild Cherry Supersweet 100 Big Mama Golden Jubilee Mortgage Lifter (Radiator Charlie) Tasty Evergreen Big Rainbow Goliath ... Carrot Hungarian Wax Pasilla Tobago Cascabel Jalepeno Pequin Trinidad Cayenne, Long Red Slim Jalepeno, early Peruvian Purple Venezuelan Purple Cayenne, Passion Jalapeno "M" Mild Prik-E-Gnu Yatsafusa Charleston ...

Watch Your Garden Grow - Corn
... early bicolor; good vigor, eating quality Supersweet (Sh2) Yellow Harvest Ear Size Comments ChallengerCrisp N Sweet 85 days 9"-18 rows high yield; excellent disease resistance; good germination, seedling vigor Early ... germination (above 55F for standard sweet corn varieties and about 65F for supersweet varieties). Early plantings of standard sweet corn should be made at, or just before, the ...

Watch Your Garden Grow - Onion
... . Yellow sets are sometimes sold as the varieties Ebenezer or Stuttgarter. Purchase firm, dormant sets early - before they begin growth in heated salesrooms. Store sets in a cool, dry, dark environment ... hybrid, short-day), Red Hamburger (short-day), Walla Walla Sweet (long-day) and Texas 1015Y Supersweet (short-day). Prices normally are two to three times as high through catalog sales and ...
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