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summerfield oberon

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Growing English Delphiniums, Alaskan Style
... the blues look better and then there are those rich, velvety purples with names like Summerfield Oberon, Sentinel, and Chelsea Star. English delphinium, Lucia Sahin English delphinium, Franjo Sahin Admittedly the Wisley ...

English Delphiniums News, Alaskan Style
... English delphiniums, courtesy Dowdeswell Delphiniums English delphinium, Mighty Atom English delphinium, Summerfield Oberon English delphinium, Olive Poppleton English delphinium, Cranberry Seedling English delphinium, Emily ... purple delphinium, Summerfield Oberon, seen on the cover of Graham Rice's recent book entitled, Hardy Perennials. If you enjoy delphiniums the "Summerfield Delphiniums" web ...
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Summerfield Delphiniums
... Summerfield Viking, Galileo Group2 Dusky Pink or Cream Flowers Rosemary Brock, Summerfield Miranda, Summerfield Diana, Summerfield Sovereign Group 3 Purple Flowers Summerfield Oberon, Summerfield Marjorie, Summerfield Victoria Group 4 White flowers Lilian Bassett, Summerfield ...

Purple Varieties
... Summerfield Delphiniums 3 Purple Flowers Summerfield Oberon Summerfield Marjorie Summerfield Victoria 'Summerfield Oberon' 'Oberon', one of the moons of Uranus visted in 1986 by Voyager 2, gave us the name for this variety. 'Summerfield Oberon ... 'Summerfield Oberon' with pink varieties yields a proportion of seedlings with pink flowers and also some with creamy white flowers. Florets of 'S. Oberon' ...
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