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sugarcane canopy

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Weed Management in Sugarcane - 2006
... sugarcane production in Florida. Weeds can reduce cane yields by competing for moisture, nutrients, and light during the growing season. Weed control is most critical early in the season prior to sugarcane canopy closure over the row middles. Heavy weed infestations can also interfere with sugarcane harvest by adding unnecessary harvesting expenses. ...

Solenopsis geminata
... , preferring sunny, open areas or partially shaded ones. In sugarcane, they move their nests to the perimeter of the field when the canopy closes and shades the ground (Chang & Ota, 1990). They ...

Dr Colin Osborne: Research Interests
... fifth of its human population. C4 grasses are exploited extensively in tropical agriculture, counting maize, sugarcane, sorghum and millet among their number. Today's global distribution of C4 grasslands is ... LaMorte, R.L., Hendrey, G.R. & Long, S.P. (1998) Does Leaf Position within a Canopy Affect Acclimation of Photosynthesis to Elevated CO2? Plant Physiology, 117, 1037-1045. 261KB Osborne, ...