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subsp clivicola

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Cycas clivicola
... 25 mm long -- A. subsp. clivicola Male sporophylls more than 25 mm long -- B. subsp. lutea A. Cycas clivicola subsp. clivicola Distinguishing features: the smooth trunks ... subsp. lutea differs from subsp. clivicola in the larger male cones with longer and broader sporophylls. Subsp. lutea tends to display distinctly yellow smooth trunk, a feature shared with C. pectinata, whereas subsp. clivicola ...

... .Muell.. Ranunculaceae Ranunculus aquatilis L.. Ranunculaceae Ranunculus arvensis L.. Ranunculaceae Ranunculus clivicola B.G.Briggs. Ranunculaceae Ranunculus collicola Menadue. Ranunculaceae Ranunculus collinus DC.. ... Paul G.Wilson. Asteraceae Rhodanthe diffusa (DC.) Paul G.Wilson subsp. diffusa. Asteraceae Rhodanthe diffusa subsp. leucactina (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson. Asteraceae Rhodanthe floribunda ...

Brassicaceae of Canada
... Draba nivalis var. nivalis Draba norvegica Draba norvegica var. clivicola Draba norvegica var. hebecarpa Draba norvegica var. norvegica Draba ... subsp. glabra Rorippa palustris subsp. glabra var. fernaldiana Rorippa palustris subsp. glabra var. glabrata Rorippa palustris subsp. hispida Rorippa palustris subsp. hispida var. elongata Rorippa palustris subsp. hispida var. hispida Rorippa palustris subsp ...