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subsp arnhemica

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Cycas arnhemica
... than 32 mm long -- subsp. muninga 2* Male cones usually less than 8 cm diam., seeds usually less than 32 mm long -- subsp. natja Cycas arnhemica subsp. arnhemica Illustration: Hill 1996, ... Cycas arnhemica subsp. muninga Illustration: Hill 1996, fig. 20. Distinguished by the crowded and numerous green leaves with crowded, relatively short, narrow leaflets with recurved margins. Subsp. arnhemica from ...

Cycas maconochiei
... with recurved margins, and the basal leaflets reducing in size. Distinguished from C. arnhemica by the abundant orange-brown tomentum around the cataphylls. Distribution: this taxon occurs ... mm on rachis -- B. subsp. lanatus 1* leaflets glossy mid-green, becoming glabrous when older -- C. subsp. viridis A. Cycas maconochiei subsp. maconochiei Distribution: subsp. maconochiei is restricted to a ...
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... Nervilia uniflora (F.Muell.) Schltr.. Orchidaceae Nesaea Kunth, nom. cons.. Lythraceae Nesaea arnhemica (F.Muell.) Koehne. Lythraceae Nesaea crinipes (F.Muell.) Koehne. Lythraceae Nesaea lanceolata ... H.-M.Wheeler subsp. occidentalis. Solanaceae Nicotiana occidentalis H.-M.Wheeler. Solanaceae Nicotiana occidentalis subsp. hesperis P.Horton. Solanaceae Nicotiana occidentalis subsp. obliqua N.T. ...

... arenicola Byrnes. Combretaceae Terminalia aridicola Domin subsp. aridicola. Combretaceae Terminalia aridicola Domin. Combretaceae Terminalia aridicola subsp. chillagoensis (Domin) Pedley. Combretaceae Terminalia arostrata ... Thunbergia alata Sims. Acanthaceae Thunbergia alata var. arnhemica (F.Muell.) Domin. Acanthaceae Thunbergia arnhemica F.Muell.. Acanthaceae Thunbergia fragrans C.Presl. ...
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