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subgenus tsutsusi

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Henning's Rhododendron & Azaleas Pages
... sections. Azaleas comprise two of these sections, Subgenus Pentanthera typified by deciduous Rhododendron nudiflorum and Subgenus Tsutsusi typified by evergreen Rhododendron tsutsusi. If flowers grow from terminal buds ... Tsutsusi subgenus. In 2004, these 8 subgenera were rearranged into 5 subgenera by Goetsch, et. al. Today, Azaleas are grouped into the Pentanthera Subgenus and Azaleastrum Subgenus ...

Species Rhododendron
... two of these sections, Subgenus Pentanthera typified by Rhododendron nudiflorum and Subgenus Tsutsusi typified by Rhododendron tsutsusi. The extensive collections of Rhododendron ... rushforthii Rhododendron santapauii Rhododendron vacciniodes subgenus Therorhodion Rhododendron camtschaticum ssp camtschaticum ssp glandulosum Rhododendron redowskianun subgenus Tsutsusi section Brachycalyx Farrerae ...
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... the next page. The following species are indigenous Azaleas in Japan: Rhododendron subgenus Tsutsusi(evergreen types): R. kaempferi, R. sataense, R. ripense, R.marcrosepalum, R. scabrum, ... subgenus Tsutsusi(deciduous types): R. dilatatum, R. decandrum, R.satsumense, R. wadanum, R. leticulatum, R. weyrichii, R. sanctum, R. tashiroi, R. pentaphyllum, R. quinquefolium Rhododendron subgenus Pentanthera ...

Azalea Society of America
... | related pages Azaleas are in the genus Rhododendron, with evergreen azaleas in the subgenus Tsutsusi and deciduous azaleas in the subgenus Pentanthera. Some small-leaved rhododendrons look like evergreen azaleas. To tell them ...

Concerning the Origin and Distribution of Rhododendrons
... Tsutsusi. Species and hybrids of the subgenera Hymenanthes and Rhododendron comprise what gardeners refer to loosely as "rhododendrons". Those of the subgenera Pentanthera and Tsutsusi comprise the "azaleas". Within each subgenus ... b) subgenus Hymenanthes, (c) subgenus Rhododendron without section Vireya, (d) section Vireya of the subgenus Rhododendron, (e) subgenus Pentanthera, (f) subgenus Tsutsusi ...

Rhododendron and Azalea Classification Information
... each other. All azaleas are rhododendrons, with deciduous azaleas belonging to one subgenus (Pentanthera) and evergreen azaleas to another subgenus (Tsutsusi). More classification information. Many of our cultivated rhododendrons are derived from Asian ...
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