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Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants - Site Map
... Hakea - Reliable hakeas....not just the poor relation of Grevillea Heaths - Australian heaths...Epacris, Richea, Styphelia and more! Kangaroo Paws - Colourful 'paws' plus their lesser known relatives Melaleuca - Paperbarks of all ...

ASGAP - Frequently Asked Questions
... of plants which are also often called 'heaths'. These are species in the genera Epacris, Styphelia, Woolsia and several others. These are closely related to the exotic heaths but are currently ...
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Hawaiian Native Plant Propagation Database: Browse Botanical Names
... Styphelia douglasii - Pukiawe (Currently Styphelia tameiameiae) Styphelia grayana - Pukiawe (Currently Styphelia tameiameiae) Styphelia ...

Hawaiian Native Plant Propagation Database: Browse Common Names
... Return to Top of Page Maiapilo - Capparis sandwichiana Maiele - Styphelia tameiameiae Maieli - Styphelia tameiameiae Maile - Alyxia oliviformis Male Tree Fern - Cibotium ... hillebrandii Puakauhi -Canavalia galeata Puakeawe - Styphelia tameiameiae Puakiawe - Styphelia tameiameiae Pukeawe - Styphelia tameiameiae Pukiawe - Styphelia tameiameiae Pupukiawe - Styphelia tameiameiae Return to Top of ...
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Alpine Garden Society
... Stenomesson Stenotus Sternbergia Steveniella Stilbocarpa Stipa Stoebe Strangman Strangweia Streptocarpus Streptopus Striga Strobilanthes Strumaria Stylidium Styphelia Styrax Sub-Antarctic Sub-Ural Succisa Succulent Suksdorfia Sulcorebutia Sullivantia Sunken Superphosphate Sutera Sutherlandia Swainsona ...

Copper Tree Health Consulting
... that emotional intensity will not distort one's natural energies. $12.25 CAD Five Corners {Styphelia triflora} Positive Outcome: Love and acceptance of self, celebration of own beauty. Negative Condition: Low ...

Siphanta acuta
... , macadamia, and many ornamentals. Other hosts include Acaia, Cheirodendron, Coprosma, Eucalyptus, Metrosideros, Moraea iridoides, Rubus, Styphelia, sumac, Myrsine, and Tetraplasandra (Zimmerman, 1948). DISTRIBUTION Originally from Australia, this species has spread with ...

Pollen and Spore Images Anthophyta
... NSW Richea sprengelioides Epacridaceae NSW Rupicola Epacridaceae ANU Sprengelia Epacridaceae ANU Styphelia Epacridaceae ANU Sprengelia Epacridaceae ANU Sprengelia incarnata Epacridaceae NSW Styphelia Epacridaceae ANU Trochocarpa Epacridaceae ANU Trochocarpa laurina Epacridaceae NSW Woollsia ...

Catalog for ANU Pollen Collection
... Lysinema Epacridaceae Monotoca Epacridaceae Needhamiella Epacridaceae Pentachondra Epacridaceae Richea Epacridaceae Rupicola Epacridaceae Sprengelia Epacridaceae Styphelia Epacridaceae Sprengelia Epacridaceae Styphelia Epacridaceae Trochocarpa Epacridaceae Woollsia Epacridaceae EPHEDRACEAE Ephedraceae EQUISETACEAE Equisetum Equisetaceae ERICACEAE Arctastaphylos Ericaceae ...
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Rock Garden Plant Database
Rock Garden Plant Database Rock garden plants Family EPACRIDACEAE Genus of EPACRIDACEAE Androstoma Astroloma Cyathodes Cystanthe Dracophyllum Epacris Leptecophylla Leucopogon Lissanthe Macrotomia Pentachondra Planocarpa Prionotes Richea Sprengelia Styphelia Trochocarpa Version 3.0 (c) 1990-2005 RNDr. Pavel Slabý

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