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steve mcnerney

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Speaker's Day 2006
... . Speakers - 1999 Steve Gettel (Sunset Orchids) - Lycastes and intergenerics Sam Tsui (Orchid Inn) - Paphs. Marcia Whitmore - Wild Orchid Conservation Speakers - 1998 Ken Wilson - Lets make a new orchid Steve McNerney - Lavender Catts. Joe ...

Orchidita" and Other Happenings at Stewart Orchids, 18 Sep 99
... and Other Happenings at Stewart Orchids Moderators: Steve and Mary Jo McNerney Stewart Orchids TTR, Sat 18 Sep 99 Members present were 24: Mary Jo and Steve McNerney (Stewart Orchids, Carpinteria CA) PaphioDePaphio ( ... ate the evidence. Mary Jo and Steve McNerney Thanks, Carol. That's the intent. janetteh I have that cross and it recently bloomed. Mary Jo and Steve McNerney The cross for Rebel Yell ...

Steve and Mary Jo McNerney, Stewart Orchids, 26 Nov 98
... McNerney, Stewart Orchids, 26 Nov 98 OrchidSafari ARCHIVES* An Evening with the McNerney's of Stewart Orchids Moderators: Steve and Mary Jo McNerney of Stewart Orchids Wed, 26 Nov 98 TRANSCRIPT Present were 27: Steve McNerney Mary Jo McNerney ...
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1996 Summer Workshop: Orchids of the Americas
... " Workshop Chairman: Nina Rach Judging Coordinator: Steve McNerney Facilities: Stuart Murphy Commercial Sales: Marilyn Holloway Advance Registration: Jane & Bob McCarthy Event Registration: David Dyche Accounting: MaryJo McNerney Proceedings: Marianne Matthews AOS Awards Photography ...

2002 Houston Orchid Society Speaker Schedule
... : Emily Graybeal Edited 31 August 2002 January 3: Steve McNerney, Stewart Orchids, Natchez, Mississippi, "What's New at Stewart Ordchids". Steve is an Accredited AOS Judge. He and his wife ...
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Past Programs
... Moskovitz. July 2000 Program: Brazilian Orchid Species and Their Color Forms, presented by Mr. Steve Champlin. How-To: Repotting bare root orchids. June 2000 Program: Presentation by Dr. ... Award Quality Flower, presented by Dr. Norito Hasegawa. March 1999 Program: Epicatts, by Mr. Steve McNerney. How-To: Planting compots from flasked orchids. February 1999 Program: Oncidiums and Odontoglossum ...

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