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spoil placement

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Powell River Project - Stabilizing Reclaimed Mines to Support Buildings and Development
... spoil-placement procedures and obtain spoil samples, site-usage design can accommodate those spoil placement procedures that did occur. Return to Table of Contents Building on Sites Prepared Using Conventional Spoil Placement ...

Powell River Project - Foundations for Housing on Reclaimed Mined Lands
... on a variety of factors, including fill depth, moisture and compaction conditions during placement, and groundwater conditions after placement. Although the amount and rate of creep settlement within a deep fill is ... the presence of a filled "outslope" (steeply-sloping area below the mining bench filled with spoil) adjacent to the housing site. The structure must be firmly and totally supported by ...
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Some Guidelines for the Hybrid Perpetuals
... between 12-4 PM. This is even more important for the deep-purples, whose flowers spoil easily from the sun. -Give them enough room. They fear competition from others plants. Choose ... applications of organic fertilizers (manure) and watering are necessary. 3). Exercise care when choosing their placement in the garden: some partial shade during the hottest hours, never against walls or in ...