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sparky steve

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Everglades Trekking, Steve Moss and Don Carpenter, 16 Sep 98
... the glades? or the whole state? rayma123 (Rayma from Central Alberta) Sparky, both I guess. sparkysteve (of Boca Raton Florida) Well, there ... 50 terrestrials in Texas, Steve, and I suspect 40 of those are found in Florida. rayma123 (Rayma from Central Alberta) Sparky, Are the ... I believe most of Sparky's pix are in the Park, which is protected. JCY8S (John in Arcadia, CA) Steve, are all native ...

OrchidSafari Archives Culture or Lack Of?, Steve Moss, 2 Sep 98
... acclimate to a new ''home'' Ellen,Smithtown,NewYork Especially true Sparky when they are plants from out of the country. sparkysteve ( ... That's sure true, Steve. The weak plant is the one that gets sick. paulav (Paula in Boca Raton, Florida) Steve (Sparky) may be right ... normally necessary in the plan of culture. Ellen,Smithtown,NewYork Sparky are there plants that just don't flower? sparkysteve (of ...
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Hosta Registrations LRC (1969-1991)
... Gardens 1987 R ML blga,crwe 'Krossa Regal' sport H. 'Rembrandt Blue' Steve C. Moldovan 1983 R L dbl sieboldiana 'Elegans' hybrid H. 'Renaissance' ... Gardens 1984 R M blgr,nawe 'Helen Doriot' hybrid H. 'River Nile' Steve C. Moldovan 1983 R XL bl 'Golden Circles' sport H. 'Robert Frost ... ' Robert P. Savory 1982 R SM gr R 'Ginko Craig' hybrid H. 'Sparky' Paul Aden 1987 R DS gr,crye 'Amy Aden' x pulchella H ...

Radio drama review 1997 - DIVERSITY
... incurables. Gobbo can't speak and talks via a letter board; he and his mate Sparky have to decide what to do when two intrusive women are dumped on them. The ... . Waterland by Graham Swift (R4 1402 3 episodes 10, 17 & 24 March, 1997) , adapted by Steve Chambers from the novel, offered a glimpse into another world - that of the Fens in ...

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