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south america subg

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Penstemon Website
... America, ranging from Alaska to Guatemala and from coast-to-coast, exclusive of the Canadian shield. It has been divided into six subgenera : subg. Penstemon (eight sections, 22 subsections, ca. 186 spp.), subg ... south ...

MBG: Research: Two New Species of Paspalum (Poaceae: Panicoideae) from Brazil
... QUICK SEARCH MO PROJECTS: Africa Asia/Pacific Mesoamerica North America South America Floras General Taxonomy Photo Essays Training in Latin America MO RESEARCH: Applied Research Bryology GIS Graduate Studies Imaging ... to the new species and related taxa of Paspalum subg. Ceresia are also presented. Key words: Brazil, Paspalum, Poaceae, South America. Paspalum L. is a large genus with approximately ...

MBG: Research: Hillia Jacq. (Rubiaceae: Hillieae)
... Peru...Subg. Andinae (1 sp.) 4. Stamens inserted near top of corolla tube; stigmas subcapitate to shortly linear, positioned just above anthers; Antilles and widespread in South America...Subg. Hillia (6 spp.) References Taylor, C.M. 1989. Revision of Hillia subg. Ravnia (Rubiaceae: Cinchonoideae). Selbyana 11: 26-34. Taylor, C.M. 1991. Two new species of Hillia subg ...
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Jay's Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia E - Epic
... .) Pridgeon & M.W. Chase 2002 Synonyms Echinella Pridgeon & M.W. Chase 2001; Myoxanthus subg. Satyria Luer 1992;Myoxanthus subg. Silenia Luer 1992 Echinosepala aspasicensis (Rchb. f.) Pridgeon & M.W. Chase 2002 to ... . There is a single member in this large epiphytic genus that is found in Northern South America and was originally in the genus Stanhopea. It differs in having 4-angled, gray green ...

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