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Desirable Vegetable Varieties: Sorrel
... sorrel" of one kind or another--wild sorrel, sheep sorrel, grassleaf sorrel, indian sorrel, maiden sorrel, green sorrel, red sorrel, and many more. The species R. acetosa is also sometimes called "French sorrel ...

Violet Wood Sorrel uses
... Page Photo by Karen Bergeron Copyright 2000 Photo by Deb Jackson Copyright 2000 Wood Sorrel Oxalis violacea Other Names: Sheep Sour, Purple Wood Sour, Sour Clover, Sour Trefoi, Purple ... Grass, Purple Stubwort, Wild Shamrock, Purple Shamrock, Indian Lemonade, Violet Wood Sorrel Habitat Perennial native herb, Wood Sorrel is found growing in grasslands and openings in woodlands, shaded slopes, gravelly ...

wood sorrel herb picture Oxalis spp.
... wood sorrel herb picture Oxalis spp. Alternative Nature Online Herbal, Educating about Medicinal Herbs since 1997 Home | ... Remedies! Nature's Herbal Natural Mosquito & Insect Spray w/Catnip Based on actual research! Wood Sorrel Oxalis spp. woodsorrel2138.jpg Editor and Photographer Karen Bergeron 931 289 1909 Email: karen@altnature ...
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French Sorrel Herb - Herbs
... French Sorrel Herb Information on, uses of and how to grow French sorrel: Name Rumex scutatus. Growing pattern Perennial. Seeds Buy French Sorrel Seeds ... is easy to grow from seed. Soil condition/position French sorrel likes partial shade and ordinary soil. Appearance Large leaved, growing to a height of 30cm. Uses French Sorrel can be cooked like spinach or used to make soup. ...

Sorrel Herb - Herbs
... /Beauty Links Shop Horoscopes Herbs > Sorrel Herb Information on, uses of and how to grow sorrel: Name Rumex scutatus. Growing pattern Perennial. Seeds Buy Sorrel Seeds. Appearance Sorrel grows to 22cm in height and ...
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Sorrel Soup
... Sorrel Soup Visit our Farm & Greenhouses Open daily beginning March 1st or call ... phone 866-855-6344 or on our local numbers 256-253-3300 Sorrel Soup 2 cups Young sorrel leaves 2 tbsp Butter 2 tsp Cornstarch 2-3 Sprigs parsley or ... pinch salt 1 cup Light cream Wash the sorrel leaves and cook them in the butter until just wilted. Puree' the sorrel and add other ingredients, dissolving the cornstarch ... Weed Listing (Red Sorrel)
... Thistle Yellow Woodsorrel University Links Control Options Germination Dates Alternate Picture(s) Red sorrel, also referred to as sheep sorrel, is a summer perennial. The leaves alternate and form a basal rosette ... -brown. The flowering stems of red sorrel can be one or many developing from a crown or rhizome. Red sorrel spreads by seeds and rhizomes. Red sorrel is found throughout the United States ...

Oxalidaceae - Wood-Sorrel Family #1
... Wood-Sorrel Family #1 Yellow Wood-Sorrel Common Name(s): Yellow Wood-Sorrel Scientific Name: Oxalis corniculata Family: Oxalidaceae Wood-Sorrel Family Flower: 1/2" 5 petaled yellow flowers. Leaves: Divided ... on it's slightly larger flowers. Violet Wood-Sorrel Common Name(s): Violet Wood-Sorrel Scientific Name: Oxalis violaceae Family: Oxalidaceae Wood-Sorrel Family Flower: 3/4" with five veined ...

Oxalidaceae - Wood-Sorrel Family
Oxalidaceae - Wood-Sorrel Family Oxalidaceae - Wood-Sorrel Family Flowers: Fruit: Leaves: Plant: Back to Family Index
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... 4 soldiersong 1 somermoone 1 Songbird839 38 SonshineDowns 1 soozer 1 Sorceress 4 sorgina 19 sorrel 4 soulgardenlove 5 soundsgood 3 southernOhio 2 spacecowgirl 7 spaceman_spiff 3 sparky_watson 5 spearfish71 7 ...

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