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solandra maxima

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Floridata: Solandra maxima
... now and receive a free gift of Tulip Topper wildflower seeds with every bulb order. Solandra maxima Common Names: chalice vine, cup of gold, goldcup vine, golden chalice vine Family: Styracaceae ( ... trade. Solandra maxima is the most common species in cultivation and vines offered as S. guttata and S. grandiflora may in fact be this one. The differences are subtle. Location Solandra maxima is native ...

Floridata: Vine List
... shower Rosa laevigata Cherokee rose Sechium edule chayote, chaco, mirliton Senecio confusus Mexican Flame Vine Solandra maxima chalice vine, cup of gold, goldcup vine Solanum seaforthiana Brazilian nightshade Strongylodon macrobotrys jade vine ...
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