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Judy's Snowdrops - Snowdrop Scenes
Judy's Snowdrops - Snowdrop Scenes TO FOLLOW [Home] [About Us] [Plant Profiles] [Cultivation] [Propagation] [Problems] [Snowdrop Scenes] [Snowdrop Calendar] [Snowdrop Notelets] [Contact Us] [How to Order] [Links]

Judy's Snowdrops - Snowdrop Calendar
... Judy's Snowdrops - Snowdrop Calendar 'Gorgeous Galanthus' 2007 Calendar The perfect way to have Snowdrops throughout the year. The ... . The March page illustrated, depicts ' G. Shuttlecock ' [Home] [About Us] [Plant Profiles] [Cultivation] [Propagation] [Problems] [Snowdrop Scenes] [Snowdrop Calendar] [Snowdrop Notelets] [Contact Us] [How to Order] [Links]
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... stems at the base of the plant, not from the tuberous roots. Snowdrop corms should be planted 3 inches deep in a well-prepared bed ... planning now, you may want to give that a try. But since snowdrop is the English garden emblem for January, and because it is a ... the garden so often symbolize renewal, I prefer to look at the snowdrop as a sign of the beginning of the season, rather than the end ...

Bulbs and More - Common Snowdrop
Bulbs and More - Common Snowdrop History Bulb Basics Planting & Care Spring Bulbs Selection Indoor Bulbs Bulb Pot Luck Landscaping Links Q & A Credits Spring Flowering Bulbs Common Snowdrop - Galanthus nivalis Return to Spring Flowering Bulbs University of Illinois Extension | Urban Programs | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | College of ACES

Galanthus nivalis--Common Snowdrop
... .0 - 00000649 11/12/99 Galanthus nivalis--Common Snowdrop Height: 10 in Spacing: 3 in Type: hardy bulb Flowers: White (Vis. 1). Comments: Snowdrop is one of the earliest blooming bulbs. They ... - A Modern Herbal | Snowdrop - Herb Profile and Information
... - A Modern Herbal | Snowdrop - Herb Profile and Information Snowdrop Botanical: Galanthus nivalis (LINN.) Family: N.O. Amaryllidaceae ---Synonyms---Fair Maid of February. Bulbous Violet. Snowdrop, usually spoken of as the first ... the moderne.' He calls it the Bulbous Violet, but adds that some call it the Snowdrop, the earliest mention of it by this name, and it was known to all the ...

A Modern Herbal - Editor's Introduction
... , Irises, Lupins, Delphiniums, Columbines, Dahlias and Chrysanthemums, every flower in the garden from the first Snowdrop to the Christmas Rose, are not only there for man's pleasure but have their ...

The Border in Early Spring: Part 2
... finely divided and covered with silky hairs. Plant in a sunny, well-drained location. The snowdrop anemone, or windflower, is 30-38 cm (12-15 in.) with nodding, pure white, scented ...

Self-Seeding Annuals for the Back Lane
... its way under the fence and begun its sprint across the yard. You were warned! Snowdrop anemone or windflower (Anemone sylvestris) is a spreading plant of 30 to 40 cm with ...
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Open Directory - Home: Gardening: Plants: G: Galanthus
... Snowdrop - Description and planting culture, from Michigan State University Extension. Judy's Snowdrops - Cultivation tips, descriptions and photographs of a range of cultivars of the genus galanthus. Snowdrop - Information about the snowdrop. Reproduced from Grieve's Modern Herbal. Snowdrop - Tip sheet on history and ...

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