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slow acting

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Orchids, orchid growing information, orchid care and orchid pictures - Bribie Island Orchid Society
... are discontinued. Some growers may work out systems based on slow-release fertilizers such as Magamp, Osmocote and other formulations, but ... in stunted leaf and stem growth. BONE MEAL This is a slow acting root producer, principally strong in calcium, which is a most ... to contain 1.32% SULPHATE of AMMONIA This is a warming, slow acting source of nitrogen, containing 20 to 21% of that element. ...

Botanical Insecticides
... less toxic to humans. Some of the most deadly, fast acting toxins and potent carcinogens occur naturally. Some of the botanical ... a 40 percent nicotine sulfate concentrate. Nicotine is a fast acting contact killer for soft bodied insects, but does not kill most ... membrane irritation. It is more toxic when inhaled. Ryania is a slow acting stomach poison. It has a longer residual than most botanicals. ...

... kill the queen(s) so no other ants are produced. The ideal bait contains a slow-acting, non-repellent toxicant that is incorporated into a preferred food substrate. There are many types ...

Ant Trails: A Key to Management with Baits
... the problem. However, this only holds true if the bait contains a toxicant that is slow-acting. Fast-acting insecticides are only going to kill foraging ants, allowing the queen, nest workers, and ... soon replace those few that are killed before sharing the poison with their nest mates. Slow-acting insecticides allow time for the foragers to exchange food, eventually eliminating the entire nest when ...
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... anyone. New Messages View all Spring's coming-weed control--corn glute... Corn gluten is slow-acting: it is only 10% effective the first year and the remaining 90% comes the following ...

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... in response to Message 1 Sent: 8/6/2006 12:06 PM Corn gluten is slow-acting: it is only 10% effective the first year and the remaining 90% comes the following ...
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... before flowering and in late summer and autumn, until the leaves drop. For organic and slow-acting fertilizers, feed double the usual strength for bonsai, applying fertilizer at the recommended intervals. For ...

Japanese Maple
... sunlight. The traditional opinion has been that the burning effect happens because of water droplets acting like a lens to concentrate the sunlight. Anecdotal evidence can be found to support either ... root rotting. Feeding Simon and Schuster's recommends feeding every 20-30 days with a slow-acting organic fertilizer from spring to autumn. Do not feed for two months after repotting or ...
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... several flowers that have formed in a single cluster. MURIATE OF POTASH: This is a slow-acting fertilizer that adds oxide of potassium to the soil. Same as potassium chloride. MURICATE: Having ...

16.ry Index RY RYNIA: A slow-acting botanical insecticide derived from the stems of tropical rynia. It is fairly long-lasting (up to 2 weeks) and toxic in concentrated forms. Often combined with other botanicals. Return to the HOME PAGE.
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