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simple bacteria

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July 2003 Newsletter
... PS:  Rose bushes are the ultimate gift for anniversaries, “Get Well” and birthdays or a simple "I Love You".  We are now offering annual WCFRS membership gift certificates for purchase.  Combine ... animal or human feces (solid waste). Horse manure is often the source of this bacteria. The tetanus bacteria produces spores that are resistant to drying and therefore can survive for long periods ...

August - September 2003 Newsletter
... growers must do. Like the preservative solution, the conditioning solution contains an agent to kill bacteria and an ingredient to acidify or lower water pH, but instead of a nutrient, the ... are no longer commercially available. However, propagating roses by rooting softwood cuttings is a reasonably simple way of obtaining more of your favorite non-patented roses. Many Old Garden Roses, shrub ...

... compost. The compost pile is a hodgepodge of microscopic life; from one-celled organisms of bacteria, through fungi, protozoa, centipedes, beetles and earthworms. Don't ever spray a pesticide close by ... oyster shells are wonderful resources. Virtually anything except ingredients containing salt and grease. Keep it simple- pile leaves in a designated spot in the sun add manure or other nitrogen source ...