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sid dubose

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American Daffodil Society - 2003 Show Results
... Sid DuBose ‘Culmination’ 2W-P Bob Spotts ‘Mite’ 6Y-Y Kirby Fong N. obvallaris 13Y-Y Returned Returned Jacque Baclace ‘Rapture’ 6Y-Y Bob Spotts ‘Beryl’ 6W-YYO (1907) Returned Sid DuBose ... Sid DuBose Hager D219, 2Y-O Hager D86, 2Y-O Hager DR293, 1Y-Y Hager D575, 2Y-O Hager DR296, 2Y-R Murphys, CA Sid DuBose ...

American Daffodil Society - 2002 Show Results
... Kirby Fong ‘Clouded Yellow’ 2YYW-Y Kirby Fong ‘Pequenita’ 7Y-Y Sid DuBose ‘Potential’ 1W-P Bob Spotts Spotts M22-13 7Y-Y Bill ... ‘Emperor’s Waltz’ 6Y-YOO (Mitsch) ‘Warbler’ 6Y-Y (Mitsch) Livermore, CA Sid DuBose R85, 1Y-Y Hager D775, 1W-Y Hager D218B, 2Y-Y ... 3Y-Y (Reed) ‘Crystal Blanc’ 2W-GWW (Pannill) ‘Geometrics’ 2W-Y (DuBose) ‘Pacific Rim’ 2Y-YYR (Mitsch) ‘Conestoga’ 2W-GYO (Bender) Kennett Square, ...
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2006 Livermore Show Results
... no time. Rosemary Scholz drove all the way from Escalon to deliver flowers for arrangers. Sid DuBose had picked the blooms from his field in Stockton. The Oregon-ish weather had allowed ...

2003 Livermore Show Results
... HBR23 2Y-YYR, Sid DuBose SMALL GROWER AWARD - Rapture 6Y-Y, Jacque Baclace Historic Daffodil Award - Beryl 6W-YYO 1907, Bob Spotts Standard Container Grown Award - Culmination 2W-P, Sid DuBose Miniature Container Grown ... Minnow 8W-Y Xit 3W-W M-03-6 7Y-Y RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon - Sid DuBose Hager D219 2Y-O Hager D86 2Y-O Hager DR293 1Y-Y Hager D575 2Y ...
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ABOUT SLI: Marie's Scrapbook
... Board Meeting was held on Friday afternoons. 1947. I note Sid DuBose, co-owner of Melrose Garden, signed for the meeting. Sid became a member while a student at LSU and has been ...

S L I Memoriam Ben Hager
... to offer what was then a new type of irises. It was here he met Sid DuBose, who had been a student in horticulture at Louisiana State University and an early member ... (Louisiana). At the Welcome Dinner when I stood up for Region 10, Ben Hager and Sid DuBose stood up, clapped, yelled and whistled! How could anyone forget such a spontaneous welcome? This ...
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