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shrubby mesembs

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CSSA Newsletters #24
... Mine (crystal). Amongst our finds here were Saracaulon crassicaule, Euphorbia namaquensis and a few shrubby mesembs, we also had a visitor at this stop, someone's dog. No-one saw ... the finds here were Aloeframesii, Euphorbia dregeana, Conophytum elepticum v neobrownii, Drosanthemum hispidum and other shrubby mesembs. Our next stop was the lunch stop, (yes cheese and ham sandwiches, some over ...

Book Review: Mesembs of the World
... mesembs and continuing with Flat-leaved mesembs, Flowering Stones, Tongue-leaved mesembs, Rough-leaved mesembs, Tooth-leaved mesembs, Tufted mesembs, Bead-leaved mesembs, Mat-forming mesembs, Dwarf shrubby mesembs, Glittering shrubby mesembs, Lampranthus-like shrubby mesembs, Ruschia-like shrubby mesembs and Leipoldtia-like shrubby mesembs ...

Evolution of the Cactaceae
... the likely "cousins" (among others). The long standing previous assumptions that the Aizoaceae (including the mesembs) was the sister family to the cacti (due to the floral hypanthium) was proved fallacious ... spp) and ^Maihuenia^ (2 spp.) are found predominantly in South America. Pereskia plants are usually shrubby, tree-like, or in one species (P. aculeata) form vines. The flowers can be very ...