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semi glossy

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Cycas elephantipes
... swollen base and thick, dark, deeply fissured corky bark and the flat, erect dull to semi-glossy grey green leaves with narrow, keeled leaflets that are angled forwards. It differs in the ...

Moody Blues - Record Charts
... 1978 "Forever Autumn" - #68 (Chart also has "Dreadlock Holiday" at #53) Glossy paper. Red and black chart print. $5.00 November 4, 1978 "Driftwood" ... BOX. The charts are red and black print on thick semi-glossy paper. They measure 10" x 14" and are originals, not ... with an alphabetical listing cross reference by artist. All on glossy-finish paper. September 30, 1978 Octave - #58 War Of The Worlds - ... Roses
... sized red flowers with bright white eye, borne in small clusters. Foliage dark green, leathery, semi-glossy; Tall, upright, bushy growth. No fragrance. This is a great landscape bush. Never needs spraying ... Roses
... fragrant, dark lavender flowers with lighter lavender reverse, borne in large clusters. Medium, dark green, semi-glossy foliage. Vigorous, upright, bushy habit. Gorgeous flowers and fragrance. My current favorite nose candy. Unfortunately ...
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The Cycad Pages
... ground Subterranean Leaf colour Light/bright green Dark green Blue Grey green Leaf - gloss dull semi-glossy highly glossy Leaf - shape Flat Openly keeled Sharply keeled Rachis - twist not twisted slightly twisted ... stomata on lower surface only (hypostomatic) 8 Pinnae not dichotomously divided 9 Pinnae thin, glossy above, closely spaced; spines of female sporophylls slender, 2--5 mm wide at base ...

TCRC Rose of the Month
... in double, hybrid-tea form. The bush grows upright, with one bloom per stem and semi-glossy foliage. It is a repeat bloomer and has a strong, fruity fragrance. Best of all ...

TCRC Rose of the Month
... yellow reverse are long lasting and the plant reblooms well. The foliage is dark green, semi-glossy reaching around 3 ft high. The ARS gives it a 7.8 rating. In Zone ...
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Lougheed Hybrid Roses-Roses
... , semi-glossy foliage. It's a tall growing and spreading floribunda. Mackenzie Rose ht (89) A large bloomed pink blend rose with moderate fragrance. Medium growth for height with dark green glossy foliage ...

Lougheed Hybrid Roses-More Roses
... bloom with slight fragrance. It's carried on an upright bushy plant with medium green, semi-glossy foliage. Seedling 270 Ht (88) A red blend bi-colour exhibition size bloom with slight ... very heavy fruit fragrance. It's a tall growing well branched bush with dark green glossy foliage. More Roses2 Home Comments Links My Bio
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Untitled Document
... have a pleasant, sweet fragrance. The abundant, leathery foliage is dark green (RHSCC 139A) and semi-glossy. The thorns are red-brown and awl-like. The erect, bushy plant is 3-4 ... long-pointed, ovoid crimson buds open to large (up to 10 cm in diameter) open, semi-double Neyron rose blooms stippled along the midrib of the petals with crimson. The flowers ...

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