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Schwantesia borcherdsii
Schwantesia borcherdsii Schwantesia borcherdsii A mesemb from southern Africa. S. borcherdsii was rediscovered a few years ago and seed has only recently been available. It should become popular; it is a handsome plant and is easy to grow. The plant pictured is in a 2-1/4" pot. Next photo Back to botany page Back to main page Exit This page hosted by Get your own Free Home Page

Angiosperm Families - Aizoaceae Rudolphi
... , Phyllobolus, Pleiospilos, Plinthus, Polymita, Psammophora, Pseudobrownanthus, Psilocaulon, Rabiea, Rhinephyllum, Rhombophyllum, Ruschia, Ruschianthemum, Ruschianthus, Saphesia, Schlechteranthus, Schwantesia, Scopelogena, Sesuvium, Skiatophytum, Smicrostigma, Stayneria, Stoeberia, Stomatium, Synaptophyllum, Tanquana, Titanopsis, Trianthema, Trichodiadema, Vanheerdea, Vanzijlia, Wooleya ...

UMass Amherst: Biology Department -> Greenhouse -> Specimens
... Aizoaceae Osculeria deltoides Aizoaceae Pleiospilos nelii living rock Aizoaceae Ruschia puterillii ? Aizoaceae Sceletium joubertii ? Aizoaceae Schwantesia triebneri Aizoaceae Stomatium niveum Aizoaceae Titanopsis calcarea Aizoaceae Trichodiadema densum Search Again: Family: Genus: Species ... Overview of families and genera
... (70), Rhinephyllum (14), Rhombophyllum (3), Ruschia (380), Ruschianthus (1), Saphesia (1), Sceletium (22), Sclechteranthus (2), Schwantesia (10), Semmanthe (1), Skiatophytum (1), Sphalmanthus (cca 100), Stoeberia (3), Stomatium (40), Titanopsis (6), Trichodiadema ...

Art Gallery pen-and ink drawings S
Art Gallery pen-and ink drawings S back zpět Art Gallery pen-and ink drawings S Author - Tomas Kriz A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V Z Sedum dendroideu... Sedum rubrotinct... Senecio articula... Senecio gregorii... Senecio sagitata... Schwantesia herr... Sinningia canesc... Spalmanthus aff.... Submatucana pauc... Copyright © 2002 Tomas Kriz
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CSSA Journal 1995 No 1
... of the genus Parodia Roberto Kiesling Journey to the Skunbergsquelle in Namibia - type locality of Schwantesia succumbens Norbert F.A. Zimmermann A novice's introduction to the northwestern Sonoran Desert of ...

CSSA Journal 1995 No 3
... Rowley A new subspecies of Aloe descoingsii Reynolds (Aloeaceae; Madagascar) J.J. Lavranos Studies in Schwantesia: the rediscovery of S. borcherdsii Norbert Zimmermann & Heidi E.K. Hartmann Pollination of Aloe polyphylla ...
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Au Cactus Francophone : Photos - Galerie S1
... 5 Sansevieria stuckyi Sansevieria trifasciata Sarcocaulon flavescens Schlumbergera Schlumbergera opuntioides Schlumberhera X reginae Madame butterfly Schwantesia pillansii Schwantesia ruedebuschii Sclerocactus glaucus Sclerocactus glaucus Sclerocactus mesae verdae Sclerocactus nyensis Sclerocactus polyancistrus SB1773 Sclerocactus ...

Artwork List
... A/F 14"x11" 40.00 5 BLUE-GREY A/F 14"x11" 40.00 SCHWANTESIA RUEDEBUSCHII 3 DARK GREY A/F 10"x12" WOOD+GOLD LINE FRAME (frame and glass ... . MARLOTHII [TRICOLOR] 13 MAMMILLARIA BOMBYCINA 14 HAWORTHIA EMELYAE - UNIONDALE [CORRECTA/BAYERI] 15 PLEIOSPILOS NELII 16 SCHWANTESIA RUEDEBUSCHII Postage and packing to be added at cost; Payment in GBP sterling only please ...

Ink Drawings 10f
... . The original drawing was published in the BCSS Journal; Vol. 12; No. 2; Page 43. Schwantesia ruedebuschii, drawn in June, ink on A4 polyester film - 1988. Conophytum lithopoides, ink on A4 ...
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