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savoury taste

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Plants For A Future - Alternative Edible Leaves
... with a lemon-like flavour. Some of them have a more savoury taste, often with a garlic or mustard flavour, whilst others are pungently ... through the winter. Rumex scutatus. FRENCH SORREL has a similar taste to the above, though is perhaps more delicate. Another very ... semi-shade. The young leaves have a mild, slightly sweet taste with a somewhat mucilaginous texture. They make an excellent salad ...

Edible flowers - Plants For A Future
... crunchy, others almost silky soft. A few flowers have a very savoury taste whilst others can be very hot or have a very mild ... they are so delicate that I am sure both their texture and taste would be destroyed. Unless stated otherwise, all the plants listed ... and crunchy with a sweet, crisp and delicious flavour, indeed they taste more like a fruit than many fruits. Hemerocallis species. DAYLILIES ...

Plants For A Future - Alternative Food Crops
... 've not yet tried the fruit, but as its name suggests, it is said to taste like raisins. Crataegus schraderiana - A Hawthorn from the Mediterranean The ripe fruit is quite delicious ... millet and can be used in all the ways rice is used in sweet or savoury dishes. The seed is coated with a bitter substance (saponins) which prevents it being eaten ...