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sandy soils

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Waterwise and Waterless Gardens
... and dry westerly winds further exacerbate the situation, especially during August. In sandy or very well-drained soils I would prefer to plant in a slight depression to collect water ... soil to more readily absorb water rather than repel it. This can particularly happen with sandy soils with little organic matter incorporated. Three products are 'Wettasoil', 'Moistur Aid' and 'Penetrade'. They ...

Effective Watering in the Garden
... advantage of the garden. A practical idea of the moisture level in clay and loam soils can be obtained by taking a sample from at least 20cm down. Squeeze the soil ... is impossible to mould it, then it needs watering. This test will not work in sandy soils, but an inspection of the soil at a similar depth will give an indication of ...