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Sabal blackburniana
... Sabal blackburniana Sabal blackburniana Description Locality: Caribbean Cold Hardiness: About 26- 28s, F. Trunk type: Medium sized, ... Height: 20 feet Soil requirements: Sandy Sun Requirements: Full General Description: A nice medium sized Sabal with pretty color. Other Notes: Further Data: Palm for sale/Availability: Click here to view ...

Sabal causiarum, Puerto Rican hat palm
... Sabal causiarum, Puerto Rican hat palm Sabal causiarum Puerto Rican hat palm Description Locality: Puerto Rico and Hispaniola Cold Hardiness: Probably 25- ...
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sabal palmetto, cabbage palm, sabal palm, palmetto palm
... banana to see Sabal Palm Sabal palmetto, cabbage palm, Sabal palm, palmetto palm click pic to enlarge Zone 8-9-10 The Sabal palmetto is the ... 101 different ways. Some folks drink a little beer too This Sabal palm can be found growing in virtually all conditions of wet ... stay attached for many years. We know of several 30 year old Sabal palms which have never lost a "boot" frond Local Florida Seminole ...

Sabal mauritiiformis
... status: Not threatened Adult Juvenile Seedling Named because of its similarity to Mauritia, this wonderful Sabal has deeply split leaflets which hang down in a distinctive fashion. Native to Mexico and definitely deserving of a place in the Sabal collection. Care as for other Sabal palms. Photos copyright 1998, Jody Haynes. Top photo taken at the Tropical ...

Palm, Phoenix, Sabal, Washingtonia species, Disease Index
Palm, Phoenix, Sabal, Washingtonia species, Disease Index PALM Phoenix, Sabal, Washingtonia and others Disease Index False Smut Freeze Injury Leafspots Lethal Yellowing Disease Rachis Blight Fungicides June, 1996 The full palms text is available without illustrations.

Floridata: Sabal minor
... free gift of Tulip Topper wildflower seeds with every bulb order. Sabal minor Common Names: blue palm, blue palmetto, dwarf palm, dwarf palmetto ... places. The Louisiana palm is an especially cold hardy variety of Sabal minor that has been grown as far north as Zone 7 ... 's another trunkless member of the Sabal species that is native to Florida called the scrub palm (Sabal etonia). Unlike the blue palm ... :: Sabal minor
... :: Sabal minor Sabal minor - Dwarf Palmetto The dwarf palmetto, native to much of the southeastern US, has blue- ... :: Sabal minor :: Sabal minor Photo Gallery Sabal minor - Dwarf Palmetto
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White-footed Ants
... on. Vegetation favored by white-footed ant in Florida includes nearly all palms, especially coconut, sabal, or queen most fruit trees large ficus trees gardenia hibiscus ixora many plants having showy ...

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... (1) Phoenix (8) Pinanga (1) Pritchardia (1) Ptychosperma (1) Ravenea (1) Rhapis (1) Roystonea (1) Sabal (9) Serenoa (3) Syagrus (1) Trachycarpus (2) Trithrinax (2) Washingtonia (3) See also: Shopping: Home ...

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