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Chinese Names in MO Publications
... New Species from China SHUI Yumin, CHEN Wenhong & CHEN Weichiu. 2003. A new species of Rothmannia (Rubiaceae) from Yunnan, China (PDF) SHUI Yu-Min, ZHANG Guang-Jie, ZHOU Zhe-Kun & MO ...

Pollen and Spore Images Lycophyta
... ANU Psychotria Rubiaceae ANU Psydrax-type schimperiana Rubiaceae APD Randia Rubiaceae ANU Richardia Rubiaceae ANU Rothmannia Rubiaceae APD Rytigynia-type Rubiaceae APD Saprosma Rubiaceae ANU Sarcocephalus-type latifolius Rubiaceae APD Scyphiphora ...

Catalog for The African Pollen Database Collection
... -type Oligocodon-type Oxyanthus-type Pavetta-type Pentas-type Pentodon-type pentandrus Psydrax-type schimperiana Rothmannia Rytigynia-type Sarcocephalus-type latifolius Sherbournia Spermacoce-type Spermacoce -type Stipularia-type africana Tarenna-type ...
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PlantZAfrica: Plant Species R
... ciliata Rhus chirindensis Rhus dentata Rhus discolor Rhus erosa Rhus lancea Rhus leptodictya Rhus pendulina Rothmannia capensis Rothmannia globosa Ruschia [A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [IJK] [L] [M] [NO ...

Alberta magna
... their showy and sometimes sweetly scented flowers, particularly those in the genera Gardenia, Pavetta and Rothmannia. Other plants of economic value in this family include Cinchona, the tree from which quinine ...
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Seed Germination Database
... months). Roscoea HP 30-365 L X 50-55 Well drained S See No. 16. Rothmannia HHSh 30-90 X 70-75 Peaty 1/8" See No. 13. (Soak for 5 ...

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