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rosettes reestablish

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Control Practices for Biennial Thistles in Perennial Grass Crops, Botany & Plant Pathology, Purdue U.
... is prolific and usually completed in mid to late June. Rosettes reestablish nearly any time during the growing season. Some rosettes may be three or four feet in diameter by late ... Rosettes reestablish during summer and early fall. POSTEMERGENCE HERBICIDES FOR CONTROL OF BIENNIAL THISTLES The best time to treat biennial thistles with herbicides is in late fall or early spring when the rosettes ...

Knapweed / Central Washington Native Plants
... soil. Cnicin may also inhibit the seed germination of other plants, making it difficult to reestablish native communities even after the knapweed is gone. Another concern with knapweed is soil erosion ... old enough to do this, it remains a rosette of leaves with no stalk. These rosettes are difficult to pull without disturbing the soil around the plants too much by digging ...