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Ribes RIBES Thank you for your interest in our website. Apart from our cultivar work with edible berries, we are building up a collection of botanical species. Currantly we have collected more than 40 species and will provide more details in the near future. We have listed our collection for you on the next page. Kruisbessen 'Proef'tuin Gratis teller

... Ribes himalayensis Ribes hirtellum Ribes hudsonianum Ribes inerme Ribes janczewskii Ribes komarovii Ribes lacustre Ribes laurifolium Ribes laxiflorum Ribes leptanthum Ribes lobbii Ribes lucidum Ribes mescalarium Ribes missourense Ribes nevadense Ribes nigridolaria 'Josta' Ribes nigrum Ribes nivea Ribes odoratum Ribes orientale Ribes oxyacanthoides Ribes pallidum Ribes palmatum Ribes petraeum Ribes ...
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California ribes, gooseberries and currants
... Redwood Forest plant communities along the coast ranges from Mendocino to Monterey County. Ribes divaricatum Description/Order Ribes divaricatum grows 3 to 9 ft tall. It is really spiny. ... full sun. it likes water. The fruits. Santa Lucia gooseberry has spiny purple fruits Ribes speciosum, Fuchsia-Flowering Gooseberry Description/Order Fuchsia-flowering gooseberries is favored by hummingbirds ...

Cornell Fruit Resources, Cornell University
... Cornell Fruit Main Page Berries Main Page Nursery guide menu: Home Nurseries Strawberries Blueberries Brambles Ribes Other small fruit See also: Cultivar reviews Nursery Guide for Berry & Small Fruit Crops Ribes (Currants and Gooseberries) Click on nursery for contact information. Scroll down to view different ribes groups. Cultivars in red are NEW for ...

Ribe Interest Group
Ribe Interest Group Ribes Interest Group Chair: Ed Mashburn Email: Home More about NAFEX Tribute to Fred Janson Annual Meeting Membership POMONA Magazine Library Fruit/Nut Interest Groups Special Consultants Regional Groups Nursery/Supply Source List Links Photo Gallery Message Board Contact Webmaster | 2005 North American Fruit Explorers, Inc.

Ribes aureum... Golden Currant
... Ribes aureum... Golden Currant Ribes aureum var. aureum Golden Currant Family: Grossulariaceae (Gooseberry family) Photo taken at Leavenworth City Park, ...

Ribes bracteosum... Stink Currant
... Ribes bracteosum... Stink Currant Ribes bracteosum Stink Currant Family: Grossulariaceae (Gooseberry family) Photo taken at Stevens Pass, moist streambank in ...
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Ribes aureum aureum Golden Currant.
... about California Currants and Gooseberries Ribes aureum aureum tolerates full sun, part sun,and no drainage. Ribes aureum aureum is great ... Lt-green , and type is Deciduous . Ribes aureum aureum's flower color is Yellow . Ribes aureum aureum's fruit is edible.. ... Grassland,Lodgepole Forest,Riparian (rivers & creeks),Sagebrush Scrub Ranges for Ribes aureum aureum pH: 6 to 8 Height: 1 to 2 [ ...

Open Directory - Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Magnoliopsida: Saxifragaceae: Ribes
... held at the American germplasm repository at Corvallis, as well as links to other Ribes information. Ribes alpinum - Description of the uses of the alpine currant in landscaping with ... and map of distribution in Oklahoma. Ribes aureum (Golden Currant) - Closeup photograph of flowers from Utah. Ribes aureum (Golden Currant) - Description and image. Ribes bracteosum (Stink Currant) - Photographs of ...

Open Directory - Bookmarks: M: melander: Ribes
... Ribes oxyacanthoides Red Flowering Currant Ribes aureum Ribes cereum Ribes malvaceum: 131 Ribes missouriense, Missouri gooseberry - Ribes missouriense Nutt. Ribes odoratum - A colour photograph of Ribes odoratum in Sunningdale garden Ribes rubrum Ribes ...
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