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rhododendron viscosum

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Rhododendron viscosum
Rhododendron viscosum . Rhododendron viscosum Swamp azalea 2003 July 2004 July 2004 July 2004 August 2004 August 2004 August Photos by dcroyster

Rhododendron viscosum 'Creek Side'
Rhododendron viscosum 'Creek Side' . Rhododendron viscosum Selection: Creek Side 2005 June Photos by dcroyster
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Rhododendron viscosum: Tour of Species Native to New England
... Rhododendron viscosum: Tour of Species Native to New England Home Schedule Activities Join Genus SubIndex     . Tour of Species Native to New England Rhododendron viscosum Picture by S & J Perkins Rhododendron viscosum, the swamp azalea, is native ...

Native Azaleas - Rhododendron viscosum
... Native Azaleas - Rhododendron viscosum Rhododendron viscosum Introduction Rhododendron viscosum now includes two closely related forms that were perviously considered separate species, R. serrulatum and ... slides taken by the Species Study Group of the Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. The slides are numbered, and correspond to the sequence used in the program Eastern ...

Species Rhododendron
... Pentanthera Rhododendron alabamense Rhododendron arborescens Rhododendron atlanticum Rhododendron austrinum Rhododendron calendulaceum Rhododendron canescens Rhododendron cumberlandense Rhododendron flammeum Rhododendron luteum Rhododendron occidentale Rhododendron periclymenoides Rhododendron prinophyllum Rhododendron prunifolium Rhododendron viscosum subsection Sinensia Rhododendron molle ...

Rhododendron History
... spring. [back to table] R. viscosum, Swamp Honeysuckle, is a medium deciduous azalea found from Maine to Georgia and west to Texas. Rhododendron viscosum now includes two closely ... sent R. viscosum to Peter Collinson in England. [back to table] Return to Top The Rhododendron and Azalea Bookstore Genus Rhododendron Azaleas Rhododendron & Azalea Web Sites Species Rhododendron Hybrid Rhododendrons ...
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Arnold Arboretum - The Arboretum's Landscape - About the image collection
... hilltops, valleys, distant vistas, and distinct plant groupings such as the oak, lilac, rhododendron, and conifer collections. Also included are studies of our buildings, stonewalls, ornamental iron ... or vines Botanical names of genera, such as Abies, Betula, Rhododendron, or of species, Abies alba, Betula ermanii, Rhododendron viscosum The common names of specific plants, such as serviceberry, dawn ...

Genus Rhododendron
... Rhododendron viscosum, the Swamp Azalea (deciduous azalea) Rhododendron periclymenoides, the Pinxterbloom azalea (deciduous azalea) Rhododendron prinophyllum, the Roseshell azalea (deciduous azalea) Rhododendron canadense, the Rhodora (deciduous azalea) Rhododendron maximum, the Rosebay rhododendron (large leaf) Rhododendron lapponicum the Lapland rhododendron ...

Rhododendron Alphebetized List
... yrs (ft) Hardiness (oF) Predominate Flower Color Photo Click Link for More Data oblongifolium See viscosum occidentale LM - L 5 -5 White, Pink More Information ochraceum M 5 5 Red More ... -5 White More Information orthocladum var orthocladum EM 2 -5 Lavender, Purple More Information American Rhododendron Society Executive Director: P.O. Box 525, Niagara Falls, NY 14304 Ph: 416-424-1942 ...

Rhododendron Alphebetized List
... Rhododendron Alphebetized List Alphabetized Plant List Return to Search Options ... More Information serpyllifolium EM 2 -5 White, Pink More Information serrulatum See viscosum sherriffii E 5 0 Red More Information shweliense EM - LM 3 ... Yellow More Information sutchuenense VE 5 -10 Pink, Lavender More Information American Rhododendron Society Executive Director: P.O. Box 525, Niagara Falls, NY 14304 Ph: ...
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