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The American Rhododendron Society Welcomes You
... Rhododendron Society Welcomes You The American Rhododendron Society is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage interest in and to disseminate information about the genus Rhododendron. ... Rhododendron Photo Gallery View over 900 photo images of rhododendron hybrids and species. The Society is pleased to make available a searchable database of digital photo images for rhododendron ...

American Rhododendron Society Awards
... British Columbia: Gold Medal Award: Bill Moyles The American Rhododendron Society's mission statement emphasizes two actions relating to the genus Rhododendron, "to educate" and "to promote." This you ... great role model for contemporary and future rhododendron hybridizers. Gold Medal Award: H. Edward Reiley You are an author of respected rhododendron publications and a distinguished educator. You ...
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Rhododendron hyperythrum
Rhododendron hyperythrum . Rhododendron hyperythrum 2000 April 2002 April 2003 March 2004 April 2005 April Photos by dcroyster

Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum
Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum . Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum 2005 May Photos by dcroyster
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The Gardener's Network : How to Grow and Care for Rhododendron Bush
... Candles Decorations Kitchen/Party Supply TGN OnLine Florist ***** Grow and Care for Rhododendron Bushes Genus: Rhododendron A Rhododendron bush, is a popular flowering bush and foundation plant, with ... Generally speaking, Rhododendron plants are larger in height, leaves, and blooms compared to an Azalea. The Rhododendron also has a leathery type of leaf. Propagation of Rhododendron: Rhododendrons ...

... Rhododendron Rhododendron Rhododendron catawbiense 'Nova Zembla' My first, and so far only, Rhododendron has been a success for the most part. I bought this one for three reasons. ...

Wallace W Hansen Native Plants of the Northwest Rhododendron Azalea catalog
... .) Updated July 10, 2005 Rhododendron albiflorum (WHITE-FLOWERED RHODIE) Rhododendron macrophyllum (PACIFIC RHODODENDRON or RHODIE) Rhododendron occidentale (WESTERN AZALEA) Family: Ericaceae Rhododendron albiflorum (WHITE-FLOWERED RHODIE ... injuries. Grow Cascade Azalea in USDA zones 6-8. Rhododendron macrophyllum (PACIFIC RHODODENDRON) Large evergreen shrub. Large rose-purple/white flowers. Height 7 ...

Terry Blackburn on the Web! - There's a Rhododendron in My Garden!
... Service (NOAA) Pond | Carnivorous Plant Bog | Heather Garden | The Cardiocrinum Project ...There's a Rhododendron in My Garden! A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill ... 20 or 30 varieties into your own garden - Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden - Portland's premier 'old growth' rhododendron garden. Lloyd Baron Rhododendron Garden - A brand new rhody collection. Soon to become ...

Azalea and Rhododendron Forum - GardenWeb
... Search | Post a Message Azalea & Rhododendron Forum This forum is for the discussion of azaleas and other plants of the genus Rhododendron. Instructions on using the ... posted on Tue, Oct 31, 06 at 23:57 Azalea (aka Rhododendron) Persil Posted by: cahansontaylor 4-5 on Wed, Oct 25, ... one posted on Tue, Oct 10, 06 at 14:18 can Rhododendron be grown from cuttings? Posted by: ranjana 5/6, pittsburgh,PA ...

Open Directory - Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Magnoliopsida: Ericaceae: Rhododendron
... Rhododendron albiflorum - Description and photograph of White Rhododendron in Washington state, USA. Rhododendron cubitii - Collection information for this species at Connecticut University. Rhododendron indicum - Photograph of single flower. Rhododendron ...

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