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repeat bloomer

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Growing Roses The Easy Way - Rose Magazine
... healthy and hardy varieties for your climate. Climbing Roses: The modern climber is usually a repeat bloomer and grows around 10 to 12 feet tall or wide. There are so many different ... over 50 blooms at the same time, with only a short rest in between the repeat cycle. If you're looking for roses that are well mannered and provide armloads of ... Today's Rose is: French Perfume
... blooms with Pink edges. Average bloom 6" diameter. Average petal count 40 to 45 petals. Repeat bloomer Growth habit: Height of 4' to 5' . Grown in zones 7 and up. Disease resistant ... Today's Rose is: Papa Meilland
... :Powdery Mildew. Bloom: Dark red blooms. Old rose, Strong fragrance. 35 petals.Full bloom form. Repeat bloomer. Size: Height of 2' 11" to 4' Width of 2' to 4' Growing: Zone 7 ...
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New England Rose Society - Graham Thomas
... a hint of red-gold cup shaped blooms. Flowers in terminal clusters of 7-8. Repeat bloomer Height/Habit: 4' Bloom/Size: Large Petal Count: 50 to 100 Foliage: Medium Green Fragrance ...

New England Rose Society - Tradescant
... - English rose Patent#9009 Deep wine red with hint of purple and mottled with black. Repeat bloomer Height/Habit: 3' - 4' Bloom/Size: Large 2.5-3", velvety texture Petal Count: 50 ...
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Rose Article
... do with a little care. Tolerates part shade. Henry Hudson Henry is another reliable repeat bloomer (some years almost continuous) with double, pure white blossoms on a compact, mounding, sturdy ... appearance. Reliable repeat. In the fall, her leaves turn a beautiful burgundy with pink undersides, and she grows to five feet. Schneeberg For a reliable almost continuous bloomer, try Schneeberg ...

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... unorthodox color in cut arrangements . . . Since it's reported to be a non-stop heavy bloomer that doesn't mind heat and humidity. Black Baccara Stop the presses! This spectacular blackish ... Above is a cheery golden yellow that holds its color well, and is a strong repeat bloomer. Go for the gold, grow them both! [Dr. Leda Horticulture, O.R. (Obsessive Roseologist) aka ...

American Daffodil Society National 1997 Show Results
... 9W-GYO Moon Fairies 7Y-Y Carey E. Quinn Award - Bob Spotts (repeat) Spotts 89-51-1 2Y-YOO Spotts 91-31-1 2W- ... Ireland) - Sandra Stewart Foxhunter 2Y-R (G. Wilson) Fly Half 2Y-R (Bloomer) Menucha 2W-GWW (Carncairn) Edge Grove 2W-Y (Carncairn) Thackeray 9W-GYR ... Pearson Goethe Link Award (3 cultivars exhibited by the hybridizer) - John Pearson (repeat) Lighthouse Reef 1YYW-WWY Altun Ha 2Y-W Goff's Caye ...

The best little yellow rose in the world - Antique Roses Forum - GardenWeb
... strong straight stems, superior disease resistance, and good vigor is all there. Repeat isn't as fast but is still very reliable. Hardiness is ... Jul 31, 06 at 11:18 I'll give it most prolific bloomer, disease free,reliable and trouble free. I don't smell it ... Mosaic Virus (RMV), a contagen that adversely affects vigor and remontancy (repeat bloom). Fourth, on sheer ethical grounds I don't think the ...

Reine des Violettes from Pickering - Antique Roses Forum - GardenWeb
... thorny imposter does not repeat very well. A good spring flush, then a mini flush a month later. Very small blooms with a nice fragrance. Mostly a once bloomer. I am considering ...
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