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Entomology and Pest Management
... life cycle, habitat, identification and treatment of bites are explained in Fact Sheet 2061A, Reference Ento.2. Brown recluse spiders will retreat when disturbed. They live in undisturbed areas ... and Metaldehyde. Mesurol is not legal in vegetable and fruit crops. Fact Sheet 2010, Reference Ento.6, provides specific products and methods of control. CENTIPEDES and MILLIPEDES Although bothersome to ...

Entomology and Pest Management
... "Bees and Wasps," and 251, "Social Bees and Wasps" are in the References, Ento.18, Ento.19, Ento.20 and Ento.21. They give details on identification, ways to avoid attracting stinging insects, ... , tree stumps and stopped-up rainspouts. Eliminate all mosquito breeding sites. Fact Sheet 2148, Reference Ento.22, details identification and control measures for mosquitoes. Some insects do more damage by ...

Entomology and Pest Management
... have developed resistance to insecticidal soap. A Fact Sheet "Using Insecticidal Soaps and Horticultural Oils," Reference Ento.23 details the use of these pest control substances. BOTANICAL PESTICIDES Botanicals are made or ...