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rec ponds

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Wynnie's Urban Oasis : The Pond (Mom's Version)
... was reading something less inspiring than Henry Mitchell, but far more practical: a book called "Ponds & Water Gardens", by Bill Heritage. Bill Heritage makes it very clear that beginning cautiously with ... advice, you'll want to drop in on the lively discussion at the usenet newsgroup rec.ponds. If you're too bashful to ask, check out their FAQ, which probably has most ...

Open Directory - Home: Gardening: Gardens: Water: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
... topic. Also offers user forums. Justin's rec.ponds FAQ - A good collection of frequently asked pond questions and answers from rec.ponds newsgroup. Pond Doctor Dave - Arizona pond professional ... of general interest to the water gardener. Pondkeeping Answers - Information and advice on ponds aimed at fish pond keepers. Extensive articles, including encyclopedic reference section. The Real McKoi ...

Open Directory - Home: Gardening: Gardens: Water: Chats and Forums
... including a forum for indoor and outdoor ponds. GardenWeb: Ponds & Aquatic Plants - Forum for discussion of design, construction and maintenance of ponds, and growing aquatic plants. Hallson Gardens Forums ... managing farm ponds and small lakes. - An online community and resource center for pond and watergarden hobbyists. Forums, articles, links. Usenet rec.ponds - news: - Google ...
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