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rare plant registers

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Rare Plant Registers
... Rare Plant Registers [BSBI] [Rare Plants] [Rare Plant Registers] [Threatened Plants Database] One of the BSBIís initiatives over the last decade or so has been the promotion of County Rare Plant Registers. Each RPR ... can be employed. For this reason, the BSBI encourages the production of Rare Plant Registers and their widespread dissemination. Please note, however, that readers should not trespass ...

Rare Plants
... rare species of invertebrates and fungi, may also be present. The BSBI has several initiatives to record rare plants in more detail than commoner species. These include County Rare Plant Registers and the Threatened Plants Database. Download the current UK List of rare plants. Go to the Rare Plant Registers ...

Code of conduct for the conservation and enjoyment of wild plants
... for others to enjoy. Rare plants Information on plants in danger of extinction nationally or locally are published in national Red Data Books and County Rare Plant Registers. Rare plants are not necessarily ... compaction. If you visit a rare plant, avoid doing anything which may alter its surroundings or expose its location to collectors. Avoid publicising the sites of rare species, but inform your ...