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radial spines

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Echinocereus leucantus
... superficial ribs, distance between areoles 3-5 mm ; 9-18 small thin yellowish or white radial spines 1-1,5 mm long, 2-5 centrals 1-1,5 mm long. Each plant ...

PlanetaCactus: Browningia hertlingiana
... young buds, have 4 radial spines and between 1 and 3 long ones, that can reach 8 cm. In the older parts of the plant, the number of spines is up to 30 ...

PlanetaCactus: Carnegiea gigantea | Saguaro
... . In the upper part the distance is smaller and it is covered by brown felt. Radial spines can be 12 or more, and centrals between 3 and 6 and up to 7 ...
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Opuntia imbricata, tree cholla
... in) thick, with prominent tubercles. Spines red to pink, barbed. Central 1-8 spines about 3 cm (1.2 in) long, loosely held by a tan sheath. Radial spines tightly sheathed, about 1 cm ... Collection - Cactus Photos and Plant Roster
... ), 7 to 10 radial spines (light colored). Ancistrocactus uncinatus (Cat Claw Cactus) The plant's central spine, which is shaped like a tiny fishhook, is proportionately longer than the radial spines. Our plant was ... Goat's Horn is named for the characteristic shape of its long, curled and flattened spines. The spines are very fragile, so, plant should be handled with care. The skin of this ... Photos (Ancistrocactus mathssonii - Chihuahuan Fishhook)
... - tuberculated; tubercles having furrows. 1 hooked central spine (yellowish with red tip), 7 to 10 radial spines (light colored). Return to Previous Page Questions or Comments? Reach us by email or post ...
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Cactus Wallpaper Page 35_2 Cereus Peruvianus "Queen of the Night" Flower Openting 1024x 768
... m), stems are 5-7 inches in diameter (12-17 cm), often no spines on younger stems, spines grow progressively as the stem ages. Watering Needs: Does best with moderate water and ... . Depending on the variety, the areoles are either almost spineless (C. hildmannianus) or with 7 radial spines and a central spine, measuring around 0.4 inch long (1 cm). Blooming Habits: The ...

Ferocactus Acanthodes (Red Barrel)
... spines, generally 2 are longer, one upper and one lower, curved but not hooked, 3 to 4.5 inches long (7.5-11 cm); 6 to 12 white spreading radial spines ... with all straw-yellow-colored spines, ones with deep blood-red spines, and ones with spines that are bicolored with ... have virtually straight spines, others have spines that are almost hooked, and yet others come with interesting twisted spines that ...
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Columnar Cacti - Espotoa - first description
... developing a pseudocephalium similar to that of some species of Cephalocereus; areoles strongly armed with spines, and bearing long white hairs; flowers small, short-campanulate, nearly hidden by the surrounding wool ... , low, 5 to 8 mm. high, rounded; areoles rather large, 5 to 6 mm. apart; radial spines numerous, acicular, 4 to 7 mm. long, brownish, intermixed with long white hairs; central spine ...

Areoles, Spines and Ribs - Cactus and Succulent Society of New Zealand (CSSNZ) Inc.
... Even absent altogether !! Even on the same areole the spines may be different e.g.. a strong central spine surrounded by radial spines, or multi-coloured like a rainbow (Echinocereus is an example). The spine is probably a reduction of the leaf stalk through evolution (Spines are modified bud scales, leaves and spines consist ...

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