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quality plants

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What's New | USDA PLANTS
... 30,000+ Plant Images Submit Your Digital Images Complete PLANTS Checklist State PLANTS Checklist Symbols for Unknown Plants State PLANTS GSAT Lists PLANTS Posters Crop Nutrient Tool Ecological Site Information System Plant ... quality image sets to PLANTS! 8/15/2002 - T&E Module Improved, Now With State Status The PLANTS T&E module now provides access to state as well as federally protected plants, ...

Guidelines for Submission of Digital Images to PLANTS | USDA PLANTS
... sets emailed to us. Quality: It's not easy to take great pictures of plants, so we've developed a checklist that may improve your image submission to PLANTS. Our primary recommendation is to please use a tripod. Digital Camera Images: Please submit high-resolution photographs taken with a good quality digital camera. Ideally ...

Gerald 'Stinger' Guala | USDA PLANTS
... Center Plant Systematist Plants Responsibilities Data standards and database redesign Image Gallery Plant identification and image processing tools PLANTS data gathering, integration, and quality control Internet Email Address Phone Number 225-775-6280 Home | About Plants | Team | Partners ...