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ptilotus species

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Angiosperm Families - Amaranthaceae Juss.
... Flowers bracteate; bracteolate; regular; cyclic; tricyclic. Free hypanthium absent (except, dubiously, in some Ptilotus species, where the androecial tube is adnate to the calyx). Hypogynous disk absent. Perianth ... (partially); regular; non-fleshy; persistent (dry, stiff and scarious); accrescent (e.g. some Ptilotus species), or non-accrescent; imbricate; when K 5, with the median member posterior. ...

Copper Tree Health Consulting
... the flower is easily overlooked and often mistaken for other species. $12.25 CAD Pink Mulla Mulla {Ptilotus exaltatus} Positive Outcome: Overcoming obstacles, opening up, forgiveness. Negative Condition ... the willingness to help and support others. $12.25 CAD Tall Mulla Mulla {Ptilotus helipteroides} Positive Outcome: Feeling secure with people, social interaction. Negative Condition: Feeling scared ...

Pollen and Spore Images Anthophyta
... APD Gomphrena Amaranthaceae APD Gomphrena sonorae Amaranthaceae UofAz Iresine rhizomatosa Amaranthaceae SEM APMRU Ptilotus Amaranthaceae ANU Pupalia-type lappacea Amaranthaceae APD Tidestromia lanuginosa Amaranthaceae UofAz Fig. 13 ... . Most of the genera include several species that have several small (120x75 pixel) black-and-white images (though not all) per species. Some genera have more than one ...