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pseudophoenix vinifera

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Palm Seeds from the Dominican Republic
... the Dominican Republic I trade Palm seeds from the Dominican Republic. I can offer: Pseudophoenix ekmanii Pseudophoenix vinifera Copernicia berteroana Reindhartia paiewonskyana Sabal domingensis Acrocomia aculeata Zombia antillarum Coccothrinax argentata Coccothrinax argentea Coccothrinax ...

Common names of palms
... morrisii Broad thatch Thrinax excelsa Broom thatch Thrinax parviflora Buccaneer palm Pseudophoenix sargentii Buccaneer palm Pseudophoenix vinifera Buri palm Polyandrococos caudescens Bush palmetto Sabal minor Butterfly Palm ... Reinhardtia gracilis Wine palm Caryota urens Wine palm Jubaea chilensis Wine palm Pseudophoenix vinifera Winin palm Veitchia winin Wispy fan palm Livistona inermis Woolly butia ...

PACSOA - Common Names
... Brittle Thatch Palm Thrinax microcarpus Broom Palm Coccothrinax sp. Buccaneer Palm Pseudophoenix sargentii Pseudophoenix vinifera Bull Thatch Palm Sabal uresana Buniti Palm Mauritius sp. Buri ... Chaguaramo Roystonea venezuelana Roystonea oleracea Champagne Palm Hyophorbe indica Cherry Palm Pseudophoenix vinifera Chilean Wine Palm Jubaea chilensis Chinese Fan Palm Livistona chinensis Latania sp ...

... junction of the Deep Creek and Suttor River, Australia. Photo by J. Dowe Back cover: Pseudophoenix vinifera growing in Azua, one of the sites that will be visited by the IPS Biennial ...

Palms in the Cultural Landscape of the Dominican Republic
... escoba (Fig. 5). Less commonly utilized native palms are the cacheo (Pseudophoenix vinifera), the yarey (Copernicia berteroana), the guanito (Coccothrinax spissa) (Fig. 7), ... ] [ Trachycarpus in Canada ] [ Coconut Palm in East Africa ] [ Chrysalidocarpus decipiens ] [ Trachycarpus princeps ] [ Pseudophoenix sargentii ] [ Palms in Europe ] [ Palms in Eastern Panama ] [ Editorial ] [ The Red Sea ...
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Chapter 8: Miscellaneous, Article 1
... S) Thrinax microcarpus Broom palm (UD) Coccothrinax sp. Buccaneer palm (UD) Pseudophoenix vinifera Buccaneer palm (UD) Pseudophoenix sargentii Bull thatch palm (J) Sabal aresana Bungalow palm (BR) Archtontophoenix ... (MC) Phoenix zeylanica Chamaerops excelsa (old usage) Trachycarpus fortunei Cherry palm (UD) Pseudophoenix vinifera Chilean wine palm (G) Jubaea chilensis Chinese fan palm (G) Latania sp. ...

Chapter 11: Palm Story, Article 6
... appearance in text: Buri - Polyandrococos caudescens, Buccaneer -Pseudophoenix sargentii, Alexander - Ptychosperma elegans, Bailey - Copernicia baileyana, Bismark - Bismarckia ... Archontophoenix alexandra, Hairy Mary - Calamus australis, Bottle - Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, Cherry - Pseudophoenix sargentii, Wine - Pseudophoenix vinifera or Raphia hookeri, Potato chip - Chamaedorea tuerckheimii, Peach - ...
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PACSOA - Pseudophoenix
PACSOA - Pseudophoenix Palms   Pseudophoenix ekmanii lediniana sargentii vinifera For further information try Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens RBG Kew Species List

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