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Primrose . Primrose Hybrid Group: Knap Hill Hybridizer: Exbury Nursery 2001 April 2004 April 2005 May Photos by dcroyster

... to self-seed. Primula cortusoides (Cortusa primrose) Hardy in Zones 2-3, the Cortusa primrose is native to Siberia. It has ... it seems very promising. Primula denticulata (Drumstick or Himalayan primrose) Hardy in the Devonian Botanic Gardens in Edmonton, and ... . The drumstick primrose is native to the Himalayas. Primula sieboldii (Siebold primrose) A native of Japan, the Siebold primrose is classified ...

Evening Primrose
... Primrose Evening Primrose Oenothera Missourensis Family: Onagracae (Evening primrose family) Genus: Oenothera Species: missourensis Note to readers: Master Gardeners are such a knowledgeable and ... to the genus Oenothera. On that relatively gray day, the bright blossoms of the evening primrose, formally known as Oenothera missourensis and colloquially as Ozark Sundrops, made a field of sunshine ...

Primrose - Flowering Indoor Plants - Denver Plants
... Normal indoor temps Humidity: Not critical Pests: Watch for white fly. Lighting: Cultural information: The "Primrose" family contains well over 100 varieties of plants that are used indoors and outdoors. Place ... plant blooms out it may be planted outdoors providing we haven't reached freezing temperatures. "Primrose" is readily available in the early spring and fall at your local Garden Center. They ...

Gardener's Net Flowers : Primrose Perennial Flowers
... .com Search for: Flowers Annuals Perennials Bulbs Primrose Flowers Perennial, Primula Primrose is a hardy perennial flower, that includes a wide range of varieties. Primrose is native to Asia, Europe, and ... on new plants blooming in the second year. Primrose are excellent for hillsides and as ground covers. Propagation: Primrose are grown from seed. Primrose do not transplant well. It is best to ...

Primulaceae - Primrose Family #1
... #1 Scarlet Pimpernel Common Name(s): Scarlet Pimpernel Scientific Name: Anagallis arvensis Family: Primulaceae Primrose Family Flower: 1/2" with 5 reddish petals each with purplish centers. 5 stamen Leaves: ...

Primulaceae - Primrose Family
Primulaceae - Primrose Family Primulaceae - Primrose Family Flowers: Fruit: Leaves: Plant: Back to Family Index
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... it is really hard to find the correct name of primrose cultivars since they are commercial plants for usual consumers. Japanese Primrose Species Primula sieboldii: This species is a special plant ... wonderful flowers for over 300 years. I respect their enthusiasm for breeding new primrose cultivars by using several primrose species in Europe. I heard that polyanthus cultivars were bred by using ... - Cape Primrose (Streptocarpus species)
... - Cape Primrose (Streptocarpus species) House Plant Guide Cape Primrose (Streptocarpus species) Other common Names Light High Care level Easy Water Keep soil slightly moist ...

Primula vulgaris (P. acaulis)--English Primrose
... : 9 in Spread: 12 in Type: herbaceous perennial Flowers: Blue, purple, yellow Comments: English Primrose produces tight bunches of flowers (Vis. 1) in the spring. The flowers may be ... P. acaulis or P. vulgaris. 'Blue Jeans' - Gray-blue flowers striped with dark blue. 'Double Primrose' - Yellow, variable, semi-double flowers. 'Orient Star' - Interesting flower colors and color combinations, flowers ...

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