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pratylenchus penetrans

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... pin nematode Paratylenchus sp. pin nematode Pratylenchus brachyurus lesion nematode Pratylenchus coffeae lesion nematode Pratylenchus elachistus pin nematode Pratylenchus penetrans lesion nematode Pratylenchus pratensis lesion nematode Pratylenchus sp. lesion nematode Pratylenchus zeae lesion nematode Radopholus similis burrowing nematode ...

... Meloidogyne incognita (root-knot nematode ) NEMATODE Meloidogyne javanica (root-knot nematode) NEMATODE Mosaic virus VIRUS Pratylenchus penetrans (lesion nematode) NEMATODE Pythium Primer FUNGI Pythium sp. (root rot) FUNGI Rhizoctonia Primer FUNGI Rhizoctonia ...
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Department of Plant Pathology Plant Disease Facts
... chlorothalonil to protect healthy plants. Lesion Nematode Plants are stunted and the foliage dies prematurely. Pratylenchus penetrans Purchase and plant bulbs that were treated with hot water. Discard infected plants. Scorch Reddish ...

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