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Polystichum munitum (Sword Fern, Western Sword Fern, Christmas Fern, Sword Holly Fern)
... Polystichum munitum (Sword Fern, Western Sword Fern, Christmas Fern, Sword Holly Fern) WALLACE W HANSEN Native ... Sword Fern, Western Sword Fern, Christmas Fern, Sword Holly Fern (Polystichum munitum) Family: Dryopteridacea A Note from Wally: I grow Polystichum munitum (Sword Fern, Western Sword Fern, Christmas Fern, Sword Holly Fern ...

Polystichum - Christmas fern, tassel fern, soft needle fern
... fern | home | | hostas | | perennials | | tools, books, & gifts | | FAQ | | nursery | | journal | | gardening forums | Polystichum. Christmas fern, tassel fern. - Light: Part sun to full shade Soil: Humus ... MI 49230 (517) 592-9450 Description and Cultural Information: Polystichum acrostichoides, Christmas fern. 24 - 36". Christmas ferns have leathery, dark green, lance ...

... Ferns Ferns Polystychium spp. and 'Cultivars' Christmas Fern, Polystichum acrostichoides is a native that I find kind of thin looking when planted alone. It ...

Polystichum acrostichoides
Polystichum acrostichoides Polystichum acrostichoides One of earliest of ferns to develop each season. The fronds are popular in decorations and often used at Christmas. Return to Main Menu Order Filicales

Floridata: Polystichum polyblepharum
... now and receive a free gift of Tulip Topper wildflower seeds with every bulb order. Polystichum polyblepharum Common Names: Japanese tassel fern, tassel fern, holly fern, Japanese lace fern Family: ... arising from a single rhizome reminds one of a small cycad. Features Japanese tassel fern, Polystichum polyblepharum is sometimes sold under the name, P. setosum. The common name, "holly fern" ...

Polystichum lonchitis :: Flora of Northern Ireland web site
... web site :: Flora of Northern Ireland :: Previous Species Buckler-ferns Species List Next Species Polystichum lonchitis Dryopteridaceae Holly Fern Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images Main image ... Lough Navar Forest area of Fermanagh, where it was discovered fairly recently. All names: Polystichum lonchitis (L.) Roth; Aspidium lonchitis (L.) Sw. National Museums and Galleries of Northern ...

Paghat's Garden: Polystichum munitum
... Paghat's Garden: Polystichum munitum Western Sword Fern, a native beauty "And when the sunset reddened on our woods, ... its stillness 'mid the hills." Augusta Webster (1837-1894) Northwesterners tend to take the swordfern (Polystichum munitum) for granted & many even neglect it as a garden treasure, being as it is ...

Paghat's Garden: Polystichum neolobatum
... Paghat's Garden: Polystichum neolobatum Long-eared Holly Fern "Once only have you spoken, when the lark Whirred from ... , no coward in my better days, Was almost terrified." -William Wordsworth 1770-1850 The genus Polystichum provides some of the prettiest, most persistantly evergreen ferns, including the tremendous Japanese Tassel Fern ...
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... Polypodiaceae Adiantum pedatum Athyrium asplendoides Comptosorous rhizophyllus Cysopteris bulbifera Woodsia obtusa Dryopteris spinulosa Onoclea sensibilis Polystichum acrostichoides Pteridium aquilinum Return to Main Menu Division Pterophyta

Flora of China Newsletter
... vernacular names in the text volumes. In July, Libing will do fieldwork in China on Polystichum with David Barrington (University of Vermont), supported by a grant from the National Geographic Society ...

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