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pollen grain

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Pollen Grain Illustrations on the Internet APMRU Light Micrography
... Pollen Grain Illustrations on the Internet APMRU Light Micrography APMRU (TAMU) Light Micrographs Gretchen Jones Acanthaceae Justicia ...

Pollen Grain Illustrations on the Internet APMRU SEM
... Pollen Grain Illustrations on the Internet APMRU SEM APMRU (TAMU) Scanning Electron Micrographs Gretchen Jones SEM 1 ...
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Gilding the Lily: Developments in Asiatic Hybrid Lilies
... of 12 chromosomes will have been inherited from the male, or pollen parent. When sexual cells from the female parent fuse with the ... a normal sex cell with 12 chromosomes, the egg cell or pollen grain will contain 24 chromosomes. Should these abnormal cells fuse to produce ... means that they flower, but the flowers produce no seeds. While grain farmers would be quick to agree that this is a bad ...

Subdivision Cycadicae
... resemble the other 3 groups at all. Go to Next Page for an explanation of pollen grain development. Return to Main Menu Division Pinophyta

Subdivision Cycadicae
Subdivision Cycadicae Development of Pollen Grain A stalk cell and body cell develop from the generative cell. As the body cell elongates, the pollen tube begins to develop. Two multiflagellated sperm develop from the body cell. Part of a developing ovule at the time of fertilization. Return to Main Menu Division Pinophyta
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PalDat Homepage - worldwide largest database and most comprehensive resource on pollen and palynology
... Last database update: 02-11-2006 Download Here you find downloads to the "Terminology of Pollen and Spores" (see also our Terminology section) and selected basic palynological literature. At the moment ... MB) Wodehouse R., 1928. The phylogenetic value of pollen grain characters. Ann. Bot. 42: 891-934. pdf (9 MB) Wodehouse R., 1933. Tertiary pollen II: The Oil Shales of the Eocene Green River ...

Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology - New terms
... of disulcate pollen are distinguished: equatorial disulcate, with opposing, eaquatorially arranged sulci and distal disulcate with paired sulci lying parallel to the long axis of the pollen grain on the ... uncertain or indeterminate. Example: Ancyrospora langii. Paraisopolar (Praglowski et al., 1983) Describing a pollen grain whose polar faces differ only in the attachment of viscin threads to the ...

Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology - Part 2 (D-H)
... a lophate pollen grain. Example: Tragopogon pratensis (Compositae). See also: lacuna. Equatorial limb Synonym of equatorial outline. Equatorial outline General description of the equator when a pollen grain is ... region, usually applied to lophate pollen grains. Example: Cichorium intybus (Compositae). Equatorial view (Erdtman, 1943) The view of a pollen grain or spore where the equatorial plane ...
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Pollen abnormalities
... Novon 14), Passiflora subfertilis, mentioned hybridization/ pollen fertility and used that lactophenol-cotton blue test for pollen viability. Most of the work, by far, with hybrid pollen has been done with the ... The development of the grain wall is an interplay of the mother and the baby, mostly the baby, so probably this "hybrid-distortion" provides clues to how the pollen grain wall actually ...

Passiflora pollen adhesion
... pollen grain-the exine-and the stigma cell occurs. After binding, the stigma cell causes the pollen grain to absorb water, enabling it to send a pollen tube down through the female tissue to the flower's ovary. Sperm carried inside the pollen grain ... the pollen grain reside within the exine itself, or even the cell wall of the pollen grain, ...
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