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poison molecule

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Molecule Illustrations
... poison molecule, this vital hydrolysis reaction cannot occur. See the next section. Back To Proteins In Chemical Compounds Part I 2. Active Site Of Enzyme Blocked By Poison Molecule In this illustration a poison molecule has bonded to the active site of an enzyme. Now the enzyme is unable to recognize the substrate molecule that it ...

Lab Manual Exercise #2
... . One chromatid of this eukaryotic chromosome doublet is unravelled, showing a twisted DNA molecule wrapped around beads of histone protein. Each protein bead contains about 200 base ... autumnale), a member of the lily family (Liliaceae), contain the alkaloid colchicine, a spindle poison causing depolymerization of mitotic spindles into tubulin subunits. This essentially dissolves the spindle ...

Exam #2 Hints
... is joined with three fatty acids (a process known as esterification), the resulting fat molecule is technically called an ester. Fat molecules are esters with three fatty acid chains, ... the alkaloid tubocurarine: Curare For information about frog alkaloids: Poison Dart Frogs For information about cell-mediated immune respone: Poison Oak For information about the alkaloid capsaicin: Chile Peppers For ...