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plum prunus

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Plum, Prunus spp., Disease Index
Plum, Prunus spp., Disease Index PLUM Prunus domestica and Prunus salicina Disease Index Armillaria Root Rot Bacterial Canker Bacterial Spot Black Knot Brown Rot Cherry Leaf Spot Cotton Root Rot Peach Mosaic Plum Pockets Prunus Stem Pitting Root Knot Nematode Rust The full plum text is available without illustrations. July, 1996

Klamath Plum
Klamath Plum Klamath Plum Sierra Plum Prunus subcordata

Prunus americana, American plum
... around". Field identification: American plum and Mexican plum (Prunus mexicana) can be easily confused. Key characters of American plum are that it flowers earlier, forms thickets, and the inflorescence is glabrous. Horticulture: There are several horticulural varieties of American plum ...

Prunus angustifolia, chickasaw plum
... Prunus angustifolia, chickasaw plum Prunus angustifolia Marsh. Family: Rosaceae Common names: Chickasaw plum, sand plum Shrub to 3 m (9 ft) tall, forming dense clonal thickets. Crown irregular. ... west to Louisiana. Common. Habitat: sandy soil. Fencerows and thickets. NWI status: none Comments: Prunus is the classical name for European plums; angustifolia refers to the narrow leaves. Horticulture: ...
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California Backyard Orchard: Plum and Prune
... Search: Acknowledgments Paul Vossen Fruits and Nuts Plum and Prune Japanese (Prunus salicina) European (Prunus domestica) Related Links Fruits and Nuts Tree Selection Plum trees are one of the best-adapted ... plant two different varieties. There are two different kinds of plums: Japanese, Prunus salicina, and European, Prunus domestica. European types are either very sweet fresh plums or prunes used ...

Low Spray & Organic Plum Production
... stone fruits (Prunus spp.) and share most of the same diseases and pests. Almost every peach pest is also a plum pest, so ... of which discuss basic plum culture. Plum Pox Scare Plum pox is a viral disorder that affects members of the genus Prunus. It is considered the most devastating disease of stone fruits in Europe, infecting over 100 million trees there. Late in 1999, plum ...

Plum Tree - Prunus salicina
... Plum Tree - Prunus salicina Home Shop News Catalog Search Contact About Us Blog Fruit Trees > Temperate fruit > Plum Tree PLUM TREE, Prunus salicina Grafted plum ...

Beach Plum (Prunus maritima): Small farm sustainability through crop diversification and value-added products.
... Beach Plum (Prunus maritima): Small farm sustainability through crop diversification and value-added products. Beach Plum A new crop for new markets. This project and website was funded in part by ... I buy beach plum products? See jam and jelly producer list. How can I stay in the loop on beach plum happenings? Contact the Beach Plum Consortium Steering Committee. Beach plum (Prunus maritima) is a ...

Growing - Beach Plum: Small farm sustainability through crop diversification and value-added products.
... plum history and growers guide - by Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. Herbicide tolerance of beach plum (Prunus maritima) for commercial cultivation - A. F. Senesac, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Riverhead, N.Y. Coonamessett Farm Beach plum ... 2003 Season in Review - Rick Uva, Cornell Horticulture, from 2004 Beach Plum Meeting. Grower Panel Discussion, "Production Year in Review" - Webpage (.html) | ...
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Open Directory - Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Magnoliopsida: Rosaceae: Prunus
... Prunus persica - Illustrated fact sheet. Prunus americana - American plum or wild plum. Includes distribution and occurrence, botanical and ecological characteristics, value and use, and fire ecology. Prunus americana - Images and description of American Plum. Prunus ...

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