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plant species

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PlantZAfrica: Plant Species A
... PlantZAfrica: Plant Species A Plant Species A Acacia ataxacantha Acacia caffra Acacia erioloba Acacia galpinii Acacia karroo Acacia nilotica subsp. kraussiana ...

PlantZAfrica: Plant Species B
... PlantZAfrica: Plant Species B Plant Species B Babiana pygmaea Balanites maughamii subsp. maughamii Ballota africana Barleria greenii Barleria obtusa Barleria repens ...
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Sigrid leger: Namibian Plant Species - Dicotyledonae
... Sigrid leger: Namibian Plant Species - Dicotyledonae List Of Families And Species - Dicotyledonae Monocotyledonae Dicotyledonae Fungi Dicotyledonae MORACEAE 1961 Ficus cf. carica OLACACEAE 2136 Ximenia caffra Sond. ...

Sigrid leger: Namibian Plant Species - Fungi
Sigrid leger: Namibian Plant Species - Fungi List Of Families And Species - Fungi Monocotyledonae Dicotyledonae Fungi Fungi TERFEZIACEAE - Terfezia pfeilii P.Henning © 2000-2003 Sigrid Leger, Forsthaus 1, D-85290 Geisenfeld, Germany
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Plant Pathology: Infection Process: Plant Defenses: Genetics of Resistance
... plant genus, this type of resistance occurs at the level of the host plant species, and is termed species-specific resistance. Cultivar-specific or species-specific resistance relies upon genetic variation within the host plant species ...

Plant Pathology: Infection Process: Disease Development
... survive in the soil for years, while others colonise alternative plant species until the season of their primary host comes around again. ... species or cultivars that are not susceptible to pathogens of that area. The occurrence of disease can also be influenced by the host plant ... affect the development of disease in a plant community. The density of the main host species and the proportion of other ...
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Department of Plant Biology - Facilities
... - 1966 Row 1 QD701C25 Camp, W. H. Gilly, C. L. Structure and Origin of Species with a Discussion of Intraspecific Variability and Related Nomenclatural Problems (The) Brittonia  1943 Row ... Clausen, Jens Stages in the Evolution of Plant Species Hafner Publishing Company, New York, 1962 Row 1 QK980C65 Clausen, Jens Stages in the Evolution of Plant Species Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1951 ...

The Succulent Plant Page: Glossary of Botanical Terms
... plants) having tufts of short soft woolly hairs. Flora - all the plant species in an area. A book or treatise on plant species from a particular region. Floral - relating to, or resembling, or made ... broken. Fruit - the mature ripened reproductive body (ovary) of a seed plant which encloses the seed in fertile species of plant. True fruits develop from the ovary wall. See: pericarp. Many fungi, ...

The Succulent Plant Page: Glossary of Botanical Terms
... away from light. See also: Tropism. Phylogeny - the evolutionary history of a species or plant group. Phyllotaxis, Phyllotaxy - the study of how repeated structures such as leaves are ... microscopic architecture of pollen grains is characteristic of the plant species. Polyacantha - with many spines. Polyancistrus - with many hooks. Polycarpic - of a plant that flowers more than once in its lifetime ...
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Open Directory - Science: Environment: Biodiversity: Invasive Species
... plant species in highway projects. Big Island Invasive Species Committee - Progress reports and meeting notes from BIISC regarding work in eliminating invasive species from Hawaii, USA. Bureau of Invasive Plant ... and spread. Invasive Species Links - The Nature Conservancy's national program for dealing with harmful invasive plant species on its preserves. Invasive Species Program - U.S. Fish ...

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