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pinquicula vulgaris

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... bit drier and at a lower temperature of approximately 10 degrees Celsius during the winter.   PINQUICULA  VULGARIS This one grows in Holland. They  stands in blocks of peat , but when you have ... ; Pinquicula Vulgaris is easily raised from seed, which should be fresh. I prefer to sow mine in December or Januar, the crucial thing being that there should be frost ahead as Vulgaris benefit ...

... CARNIVOROUS  PLANTS PINQUICULA FOR INSIDE On this page you will find general information of Pinquicula, and information about the cultivation and propagation.   GENERAL INFORMATION; The distribution of the genus Pinquicula is mainly ... leaves die above ground and form a winterresting bud. The hardy species such as P.Vulgaris, P.Alpina and P.Grandiflora can be most ideally in pots filled with peat ...
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