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pinnae indusia

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Adiantaceae [First Draft]
...                rotund pinnae; indusia rotund, upper margins truncate, one on per pinna-----------        ...   4b. Plants erect, above 3 cm tall. usuall with 5-7 or more flabellate pinnae; indusia                 ...  branches growing 1-pinnate pinnae from bothsides of branch.              18a. Whole plants including indusia covered with hairs------------16. ...

Athyriaceae [First Draft]
... pinnae but smaller; upper pinnae gradually smaller. Veins pinnate in segments, veinlets free. Laminae greenish brown when dried; raches, costae and midribs glabrate. Sori round, dorsal on veinlets; indusia brown ... in ultimate pinnae or segments, often dorsal on suprabasal veinlets, sori more than 2 in the basal acroscopic bigger pinnules of pinnae, biserial along two sides of costules; indusia near ...
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Images accompanying the Flora of Roosevelt
... sori sori magnified Dryopteris marginalis upper part of frond pinnae basal pinnae and upper stipe pinnulae sori/indusia sori/indusia magnified Dryopteris x triploidea frond basal pinna sori ... sporangia magnified Polypodium virginianum frond (drought stressed) pinnae sori sori magnified Polystichum acrostichoides frond sori sori magnified pinnae with and without sori Thelypteris noveboracensis frond ...

Fern notes
... stout central petiole, part of which forms the rachis from which arise the leaflets or pinnae. B. The arrangement of the vascular tissue in ferns is highly variable, but distinct for ... the leaf. Sori are frequently protected by an umbrella-like indusium. (There may be multiple indusia). Other sori, especially marginal sori are protected by a false indusium - the margin of the ...

Cyclamen - Cystopteris -- Plant Delights Nursery Catalog Page 28
... area with Disporum flavum on Ullung Island, South Korea. The pinnae are much narrower than the typical forms in the trade. ... green, there is no contrasting dark mid-rib, and the pinnae are much wider than typical C. fortunei. Any fern taxonomists ... that the proximal pinnae are pinnate-pinnatifid to pinnatifid, and the equilateral, basiscopic pinnules are not enlarged and of course, the indusia have ...

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