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Angiosperm Families - Campanulaceae Juss.
... , Lysipomia, Merciera, Michauxia, Microcodon, Monopsis, Musschia, Namacodon, Nemacladus, Nesocodon, Numaeacampa, Ostrowskia, Palmerella, Parishella, Peracarpa, Petromarula, Physoplexis, Phyteuma, Platycodon, Popoviocodonia, Porterella, Pratia, Prismatocarpus, Peudonemacladus, Rhigiophyllum, Roella, Rollandia, Ruthiella, Sclerotheca, Sergia, Siphocampylus, Siphocodon ...

Alpine Garden Society
... trying it in a hole in tufa. Another outstanding plant for the same location is Physoplexis comosa. Planted several years ago in a trough it has never yet failed to produce ... want the really dwarfest, slowest growing conifers it is always better to seek them out Physoplexis comosa PHOTO: JOHN HUSBANDS from a nursery which specialises in these plants. They will often ...

Alpine Garden Society
... Phoenix Pholidota Phormium Photinia Photography Phygelius Phyllachne Phylliopsis Phyllitis Phyllocladus Phyllodoce Phyllothamnus Phymatopteris Physaria Physochlaina Physoplexis Phyteuma Picea Picos Picrorhiza Picton Pieris Piggin Pilea Pilosella Pimelea Pimelia Pimpinella Pinellia Pinguicula Pinus ...
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Rock Garden Plant Database
Rock Garden Plant Database Rock garden plants Family CAMPANULACEAE Genus of CAMPANULACEAE Adenophora Asyneuma Campanula Codonopsis Craterocapsa Cyananthus Edraianthus Hanabusaya Isotoma Jasione Laurentia Lightfootia Lobelia Michauxia Ostrowskia Peracarpa Petromarula Physoplexis Phyteuma Platycodon Pratia Next page Version 3.0 (c) 1990-2005 RNDr. Pavel Slabý

NARGS Rock Garden Quarterly: Spring 1996
... into a small 1400 sq. ft. garden. The article includes photographs of the garden and Physoplexis comosa by Josef Slegl. Tilden Botanic Garden: Midwinter Adventure for an Easterner by Jim Jones ...

NARGS: Plant of the Month: June 2003
... the Campanulaceae, the family which also contains the genera Adenophora, Asyneuma, Codonopsis, Cyananthus, Edrianthus, Jasione, Physoplexis, Phyteuma, Platycodon, Symphyandra, Trachelium, and Wahlenbergia, all of which have valuable rock garden plants, as ...
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... : Tour of Ericaceae Family Phyllodoce glanduliflora: Tour of Ericaceae Family Physoplexis comosa: Tour of Parco Regionale Dell'Alto Garda Bresciano Physoplexis comosa: Tour of Parco Regionale Dell'Alto Garda Bresciano Phyteuma orbiculare ...

Scottish Rock Garden Club - Main Index Page
... , Moltkia, Myosotis, Omphalodes, Onosma, Pulmonaria, Symphytum. CAMPANULACEAE: Adenophora, Asyneuma, Campanula, Codonopsis, Cyananthus, Edraianthus, Jasione, Lobelia, Physoplexis, Phyteuma, Platycodon, Pratia, Symphyandra, Trachelium, Wahlenbergia. CARYOPHYLLACEAE: Arenaria, Cerastium, Dianthus, Gypsophila, Lychnis, Melandrium, Minuartia, Petrocoptis ...

Scottish Rock Garden Club - Guestbook Page
... Comment: love your site,where can i buy this plant or seeds the name is PHYSOPLEXIS Quick Guestbook From: Davie Sharp Date: Thursday 7 November 2002 Comment: Once again I have ...
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... Butterwort Aruncus dioicus Goat's Beard Pratia Portulaca Rose Moss Bergenia ciliata Elephant's Ears Physoplexis comosa Devil's Claw Rodgersia aesculifolia Lobelia Centaurium Centaury Erinus alpinus Fairy Foxglove Solenopsis axillaris ...

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