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Phoenix Palm Houseplant Care
... CraigKentia PalmNeanthebellaNorfolk Island PinePeace LilyPhilodendronPhoenix PalmPonytail PalmRhapispalmSagopalmSansevieriaScheffleraSpider PlantWarneckeiYucca General InformationAcclimationHumidityLightingPestsRate of GrowthPruningPurchasingTemperatureToolsSubscriptionHome Page Common Name: Phoenix Palm Scientific Name: Pigmy Date Palm Lighting: Medium Water: Slighty Dry Bugs: Spider Mite, Scale ...

Phoenix canariensis
... Phoenix canariensis Phoenix canariensis Canary Island Date Palm, Canary Palm, Pineapple Palm Description Locality: Canary Island, Off Western ...

Phoenix dactylifera
... Phoenix dactylifera Phoenix dactylifera Date palm Description Locality: Middle East Cold Hardiness: About 18ºs F. Trunk type: ...
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PACSOA - Phoenix
PACSOA - Phoenix Palms   Phoenix (image courtesy of 4palms) acaulis canariensis canariensis variegated dactylifera dactylifera in Africa dactylifera var Zaghloul hanceana humilis loureirii paludosa pusilla reclinata roebelenii rupicola sylvestris theophrastii Links: The Red Palm Weevil For further information try Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens RBG Kew Species List

... palm fruits, and one of the most widespread and favored of these is the data (Phoenix dactylifera). Dates were cultivated in ancient land from Mesopotamia to prehistoric Egypt, possibly as early ... "feather palm," meaning that the leaves are pinnately compound. In this and related species of Phoenix, the unbranched stem is covered with persistent leaf bases. This species is dioecious, and growers ...

Palm, Phoenix, Sabal, Washingtonia species, Disease Index
Palm, Phoenix, Sabal, Washingtonia species, Disease Index PALM Phoenix, Sabal, Washingtonia and others Disease Index False Smut Freeze Injury Leafspots Lethal Yellowing Disease Rachis Blight Fungicides June, 1996 The full palms text is available without illustrations.

Diseases of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
... .) Title Page • Table of Contents • Search Common Names of Plant Diseases Diseases of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Howard D. Ohr and John B. Carpenter, primary collators (last update 3/8 ...

New Disease Reports - Fusarium oxysporum causal agent of wilt on crop fields of Phoenix canariensis in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
... Editors Author Info Submission Links Fusarium oxysporum causal agent of wilt on crop fields of Phoenix canariensis in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina H.E. Palmucci* Cátedra de Fitopatología, Facultad de ... (Fig. 2). The non-inoculated control remained healthy. Figure 1: Severe wilt on plants of Phoenix canariensis Figure 2: Cross section of vascular tissues infected by F. oxysporum The pathogen ...

Growing Tropical Plants in Phoenix
... by FreeFind About Us Desert-Tropicals en Español Articles Bulletin Board Bookstore Useful Links Phoenix links Nurseries Associations Gardening Calendar Plant lists Scientific Names Common Names Palmtrees Trees Herbs ... Mexico (more news...) Where to find the largest selection of palmtrees in Phoenix The best choice in Phoenix is Pacific Palms Nursery. They are mostly a wholesale nursery, but they ...

Phoenix area nurseries
... N 19 Av PHOENIX, AZ 85027 - 6862 Artistic Flowers (602) 996-8401 12603 N Tatum Blvd PHOENIX, AZ 85032 - ... Phoenix, AZ 85022 Moon Valley Nurseries (623) 772-8866 11320 W Indian School PHOENIX, AZ Moon Valley Nurseries (602) 938-6666 14025 N 7th St Phoenix ... PHOENIX, AZ 85051 - 4779 NEW GROWTH INC (602) 284-9261 PO BOX 47776 PHOENIX, AZ North Valley Wholesale Nursery (602) 867-0801 16651 N 21 St PHOENIX ...
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