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Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants - Study Groups
... Fabaceae Fern Food Plants (Australian) Garden Design Grevillea Hakea Hibiscus and related genera Isopogon and Petrophile Melaleuca (including Callistemon, Calothamnus and allied genera) Orchids (Australian) Palm and Cycad (Australian) Prostanthera and ...

ASGAP - Photo Gallery
... Kunzea Lambertia to Lepidozamia Leptospermum to Lobelia Logania to Melaleuca Melaleuca to Nymphaea Ochrosia to Petrophile Phaius to Portulaca Prostanthera to Ptilotus Pultenaea to Scaevola Schefflera to Stylidium Stypandra to Syzygium ...
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Thematic Plan 2002-2008, appendix 1 - ANBG
... till 2008 Low T 1,2,3 026 PROTEACEAE Smaller, more sensitive genera - Adenanthos, Isopogon, Petrophile, Dryandra, Synaphea, Main path section Replacement of tired specimens with grafted stock till 2008 High ...

Pollen and Spore Images Lycophyta
... Proteaceae NSW Persoonia Proteaceae ANU Persoonia gunnii Proteaceae NSW Persoonia lanceolata Proteaceae NSW Petrophile Proteaceae ANU Petrophile pulchella Proteaceae NSW Petrophile sessilis Proteaceae NSW Placospermum Proteaceae ANU Stenocarpus Proteaceae ANU Stirlingia Proteaceae ANU ...

... teretifolia Isopogon anemonifolius Lambertia formosa Lomatia polymorpha Lomatia tinctoria Orites revoluta Persoonia gunnii Persoonia lanceolata Petrophile pulchella Petrophile sessilis Telopea truncata RANUNCULACEAE Clematis aristata Clematis glycinoides Ranunculus lappaceus RESTIONACEAE Leptocarpus tenax Restio ...
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