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perennial species

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Photos of Perennial Species in our Garden
... Photos of Perennial Species in our Garden Perennials in our garden Campanula takesimana You'll see a Glen's ... (Betony) Rock Garden - T thru Z Tanacetum haradjanii (Tansy) Townsendia exscapa (Low Townsendia) Tulipa tarda (Species Tulip) Veronica allionii (Alpine Speedwell) Veronica austriaca 'Trehane' (Hungarian Speedwell) Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue' (Speedwell ...

Photos of Perennial Species in our Garden
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... species from the Mediterranean region including D. balcanicum from Greece and D. verdunense from France. We would not have grown this species from choice because we prefer to concentrate on perennial ... [Prolific flower and seed production is a characteristic feature of annual delphinium species and distinguishes them from perennial species] The flowers are a uniform deep violet-blue (near RHS Colour ...

Fernlea Flowers ~ Perennial Care Information
... Flowers ~ Perennial Care Information Growing Perennials Perennial gardens Perennial means enduring. Unlike annuals that live and die in one season, any plant that endures ... dry manure, and bark chips. Inorganic mulches include rocks, aluminum foil, newspaper, and polyethylene film. Perennial species Alyssum Anise hyssop Asiatic lily Astilbe (dwarf) Astilbe (dwarf) Avens Balloon flower Black eyed ...

Fernlea Flowers ~ Perennial Care Tips
... keep their shape and color better when harvested just as their flowers open. Perennial species Alyssum Anise hyssop Asiatic lily Astilbe (dwarf) Astilbe (dwarf) Avens Balloon flower ... Sea thrift Silver mound Sisyrinchium Soapwort Stonecrop (sedum) Tickseed (coreopsis) Tickseed (coreopsis) Verbena Perennial Garden Photos Click here Perennial Greenhouse Photos Click here Gardening with Annuals ...
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Plants For A Future - Annuals in the Perennial Garden
... perennial species. This is not always easy, and there are a number of annual plants that just do not fit easily into a perennial ... , since digging them up can disturb the roots of the perennial species. The advantages include:- There are a wide range of ... more recently after discovering a perennial species with a very similar and probably superior flavour. This annual species can provide salad leaves ...

Perennial Flowers for North Carolina
... Perennial Flowers for North Carolina Common Name Scientific Name Bloom Season Sun ... drained; infertile 12 to 24 5 to 8 Pink, white Seeds; division Flax, Perennial Linum perenne Spring, summer Sun to partial shade Well drained 12 to 18 ... seeds Sunflower Helianthus spp. Late summer and fall Sun to partial shade Moist; some species tolerate poor drainage 60 to 84 6 to 9 Yellow Division; cuttings; seeds ...

Lilium species - Plants For A Future database report
... Edible Uses Medicinal Uses Other Uses Top 20 Plants Gardening Woodland Gardening Vegan Organics Perennial Plants Conservation Habitat Links New Links Old Links Page Plant Suppliers Databases News Groups ... site running by making a donation with paypal. Back to main Search Page Lilium species - . Author . Botanical references Family Liliaceae Genus Lilium Synonyms Known Hazards None known Range A ...

Open Directory - Home: Gardening: Plants: C: Campanula
... in general, with a listing of species. Jane Grushow: Campanulas - Pennsylvania rock garden enthusiast presents photos and brief information for four small perennial species. Paghat's Garden: Rose Canterbury Bell - Entry point into more than a dozen pages, each describing a different campanula species or cultivar, ...

Open Directory - Home:Gardening:Plants:P
... of mostly perennial species; the ones commonly grown in gardens are commonly known as lungwort or Bethlehem sage. Listings in this category provide information about propagation and cultivation of Pulmonaria species. Copyright 1998 ...
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